It's that time of year again
3 Quick Rules for Your Company Holiday Party stories

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We've all been there - that embarrassing moment at the holiday party that you think you could have prevented. Pay attention to these 3 rules (guidelines) to help you avoid that situation this year.

It's that time of year again

Even though the holiday decorations started in September..

Time for ugly sweaters, egg nog, & the company holiday party

Yes, the day you've always waited for is finally here.

But before you break out the awesome dance moves..

Trust me, there will be plenty of time for that.

Let's recognize a few things

This may be a window-shattering moment for some of you.

#1 Company holiday parties are not booze-fests

So stop taking other people's drink tickets and eat some bread.

#2 It is not the time to show-off your awesome club moves

Joe from Accounting doesn't want to see what you look like when you "get low".

#3 It IS a time to talk, meet, and share with friends!

Don't sit by your normal group of friends at the office, sit with someone that you've hardly ever talked to. If it goes badly, then keep on moving - but reach out!

Most of all - have fun

But not too much fun - you know - an adequate amount.

And don't forget you still have to see them next year.

So don't do anything stupid.

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