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hannahjackson overcoming BPD one step at a time
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a poem about poetry and how it has helped me

The Poem Appreciation Poem

When I was 13 i became ill But that was until I began to write And I gained some fight For the first time I began to express The words that came out began to impress

Before everything was locked away So much so that often self harm was the way The poems I wrote brought me some ease The demons within I began to appease A release was provided for the very first time The poems they flowed and began to rhyme

As a person poetry helped me to grow And in life and pen it began to show They say I need medication but I may disagree Writing is the cure and thats clear to see If it wasn’t for poetry I may still be locked away Unable to speak or have a say

With the world and people poetry has helped me connect And for that it has my most utter respect My appreciation for poetry knows no bounds I appreciate the rhymes, the the rhythm the sounds So what can be a more perfect way Than writing a poem to celebrate world poetry day

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