There's a baby in the walls
There's a baby in the walls stories
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hannahgaleschicI'm lost looking for words.
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There's a baby in the walls

by hannahgaleschic

I'm pretty sure there some kind of baby trapped in my wall

I imagine it in there trying to sit up roll over and learn how to crawl

Every evening I try to relax to the TV and all i hear is crying

Kind of frantic over here, shouldn't it be dying?

It doesn't have any food or milk to drink

It has no light Or any thoughts to think

I connected my phone and tried to call the police,

They say he's better off in there then feeling the rain and eating garbage on the streets,

You see there's chaos and anger everywhere that you turn,

And if we take him out of there, soon we'd have to take him in an urn.

I hang up the phone confused and try to decide what to do

And when wake up the next morning im trapped in the wall to.

*** baby is representing a new life fyi **

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