The Elements

hannahdycusJo. 16 years old. I write poems.
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The Elements

by hannahdycus

The boy made of fire

reached out, touched them told them what was left was love bites

In reality,

it was burn marks, imprinted into their skin fresh and raw.

That boy had no love to him.

They thought that was what love was

burn marks in innocent skin, hurting for years following, every time someone reached out.

When the girl came along

looking as if she was made of ice, they thought she would fix their burns make it better again.

But all she left was bruises

purple and brown, only hurting for the days that followed. so they thought it was okay. after all, it didn’t hurt the same as last time.

Until it did.

new marks, red and bloody, seared into their skin, never to fade away.

The girl, looking like ice, feeling of flames,

told them it was okay. told them she loved them, so they couldn’t leave

they were trapped.

burned and broken, every night.

The person,

looking like sadness, feeling of burn marks

thought they’d never leave the fear

of fire, of people.

Until they did.

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hannahdycusJo. 16 years old. I write poems.
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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
Just a bit cimmerian, right? There was some powerful prose here. Striking in its intensity. I enjoyed it, even though, I am afraid to turn out them lights​ tonight.

a year agoReply
beautifully written!

sallySassy Sally
a year agoReply
Whoa. Great poem