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hannahdycus 17 years old. I write poems.
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A poem about a small town and a lost love.


by hannahdycus

my love for him was just like my town

small, unimportant, boring, almost nonexistent.

the only difference was my town

existed all on its own. if i was to leave, it would stay here and thrive.

if i was to leave him, however,

the love between us would disappear, forgotten by both parties.

i grew up there.

walked barefoot down the hot pavement all the way to the lake,

where i spent my afternoons,

every afternoon.

drove ten miles down deserted roads

bordered by cornfields to get a gallon of milk from the nearest grocery store.

it wasn’t a sad life, per se.

just a lonely one.

i didn’t grow up with him

i met him in the seventh grade.

nice enough, nothing exciting.

he dated all my friends but also stuck with the story that he loved me.

i believed him, i guess, but never took him seriously.

when he finally got me to date him, two years later,

it was fun, i guess, but not very serious

at least on my end.

i left him just like i left that town.

quickly, without explanation,

going to someplace better. with better people,

there was no guilt involved in the process.

and i missed him like i missed that town.

that is to say, not at all.

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