Afraid To Sleep
Afraid To Sleep recovery stories

hannahdycus 17 years old. I write poems.
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Afraid To Sleep

by hannahdycus

afraid to sleep for fear of dreams of kisses pressed onto unwelcoming skin

hands running down arms that should be fighting back that would have been fighting back

finally, finally, with strength saved up over the years strength saved up from days spent with you

strength from words said by my light my love

strength from words, on repeat in my mind “i love you wholeheartedly” “you are not bad just because bad things have happened to you”

and, god, she knows, shes knows, but she doesnt of the bad things that have happened

maybe, instead of scary dreams with bearded chins tracing my neck scraping my collarbone

of strong hands holding me back keeping me there

maybe, instead, ill dream of my light, showing me through the dark

like she always does

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