Butterflies and Wasps
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Your stomach can feel many forms of fluttering when you fall in love. Sometimes it’s beautiful, but it can also sting.

Butterflies and Wasps

Bear with me as I try to tell a story of

Utter importance to me.

There is a girl who is scared of love;

There is a boy that

Easily makes her heart

Run laps around the earth and do

Flips when he smiles with those

Lips that form words so perfectly.

It surprises her that he would

Even look her way, which made her

Scared. Can a guy like him

Actually like a girl like her? She's

Not the prettiest girl he could

Date, yet here he is,

Wanting to hear

About her day, her

Stories, her hobbies, and her

Past. Why does she feel

So acared? There's too many fears

Butting into her thoughts,

Unraveling the security

Tied around them,

Tearing at her mind and

Eating her up inside. She

Really wants them to work and

Fights the anxiety

Lurking and festering

Inside her mind. She tries to

Ease her mind, but she can't trust.

She can't help but feel she

Always loses, even when she does

Nothing wrong-so what can she

Do to make this time

Work? She tries to focus on

All the good things between them.

Sparks that fly and

Perfect moments.

She can't help

But smile when she

Utters his name.

The sound of it seems

To put all anxiety to shame. He

Ends all worry, and she can

Relax. Her heart begins to

Flutter when he

Laughs. His presence

Incites a breath of relief, but as he

Exits her mind begins to

Slip back into her anxious mess.

As she worries, she tells herself he's

Not going to hurt her like the last

Did. The last one

Was just a bump in the road, just

A little slip. Not all are that way.

She can't help but realize how

Pretty love can be, but also that it


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