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THings are better!

Life Update::

by hannaharnett

Things are getting better:

I'm less stressed as of now, and things are great.


so i lost the election, but it's made me more confident so I didn't lose completely.

A debate club

I'm wanting to start a debate club at my school for my girl scout gold award. I'm doing good in school, and my grades are up.

My best friend?

I keep trying to fix things, but I don't know where we're at anymore. I know we'll never be the same if things get fixed.

The house?

So far it seems to be in grasp, and I'll be moving in a couple weeks.

Thanks for all of the support!

Sometimes I really do believe i'm alone in my struggles, but you guys have been so helpful and really help me still believe that there is still good people

im gonna go eat dinner


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