I'm not sure I have anyone real
I'm not sure I have anyone real stories

hannaharnettyou can call me hanar life is happening
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I'm not sure I have anyone real

by hannaharnett

I can't think anymore

I can't tell who is real and who is fake I don't know what I'm doing, I don't know what to do, I don't know how to be myself without ruining it for everyone else and im so tired of being fake

I'm hurting people

I feel so alone but I don't know what to do because if I open up to someone I feel so vulnerable and that scares me to much so I keep myself closed and idk what Im doing and im just so frstrated

What am I supposed to do

Am I alone? should I trust people or should I stay alone, Just everyone is too much for me at the time and im trying not to push everyone away but im tired of starting conversation,

Starting Conversation

im tired of having to start conversation with everyone I want them to start conversations with me. im always startig conversations and im really tired of it at this point im tired of everything


is it such a crime to want to start over i want to start over why can't i just start over why cant everyone just let me start over and i cant think straight and my thoughts are clouded and i jus


im tired of thinking about everyone before myself and everything and im just a mess and i cant think straight and im just so upset about everything i cant put together a sentence thats clear


im alone and i cant think and i dont know what im doing and i just want to not talk to anyone anymore i dont want anything i cant think straight I CANT THINK STRAIGHT AND ITS DRIVING ME INSANE


im so done and i cant form a sentence and i cant spell and im such a mess i cant thihnk and i dont know what im writing because i cant think because i feel so alone im a messy messy mess i just

Help please

i need to clear my head but i don't know how and im just so everywhere rn idk what im doing

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