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hannaharnettyou can call me hanar life is happening
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by hannaharnett

You think about the future, and all of a sudden...

All of a sudden the people that helped you survive high school aren't there anymore. They're spread across the country, and you're by yourself. What is one to do when you lose the people that...


a family all its own. A family that was unbreakable, between class changes, arguments, and distance. You still kept in touch, but life runs away from you. One day you wake up and realize you're


you realize you're alone, because keeping in touch got harder. Seeing each other on a screen wasn't enough, and you start to miss the days when you'd meet between classes, in lunch, or outside.


You're everywhere, and you're nowhere, and those days when everyone was together suddenly becomes all that more precious, but now they're gone. Unable to get them back you wish you cherished...


Cherished the time when there were only a couple minutes between houses instead of a couple states. When you saw each other at least 5 days a week instead of a week every 5 years.

You'd think maybe I shouldn't have let go so easily...

You'll think it's your fault you both grew apart. That you shouldn't have put such a distance between yourselves. That things could have been different if you stayed. The thing is it's not your..


Some things happen, and life gets in the way. That doesn't mean you have to let go of the friendship. You just have to work harder, and the true friends don't have to talk everyday, but can...


But can pick up the phone any day, and pick up where they left off. A call out of the blue, and it's like you just saw each other yesterday. Like you never even left. That's how it should be.

The love, the chances, the risks

When you know it's the end you put yourself out there, and you take a risk you wouldn't take if you still had time. Then sometimes you noticed the 'if only' or the 'there could have been'...

Except now it's too late...

It's too late, because you're at the airport. That one chance kiss was a kiss goodbye. A kiss of risk until you realize they kissed you back, and you should have taken that risk a long time ago..

But it's too late...

And sometimes they come back, and sometimes they don't. Both of you move on, you invite each other to your weddings. You respectfully attend, and congratulate. You smile, you wave, you talk...

But inside...

But inside you break a little knowing you should have taken that chance, and maybe you could have been the one walking down the aisle instead of sitting beside it. Watching the girl you almost..


The girl you almost want to be, but the one you're marrying makes you happy too. The thing is you have a need to chase after the things you should have chased a long time ago The chase you regret

You regret not taking..

You regret not taking, because you could have been there walking in the white dress to the one you've known forever, but instead you're watching them smile at the one they're happy with because..


You weren't there, and the guilt sits, and builds, and fosters because you let it. Until it's too late because both of you are married with kids, or careers in different parts of the world...

And as much as you look for him...

He's not as close as he was when you were afraid to take the chance, to take the jump, to take the risk.

And then you graduated...

From high school, from college, from life.

And you stir in your grave

Wishing you had just taken that chance, that jump, that risk...

Just so you could have the end you wanted

Because you can be happy both ways, but only one makes you smile just thinking about their name,

And a name came to mind, didn't it?

And now you wish you had taken that chance too.

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