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by hannaharnett

Some days it's okay

Other days it's worse. Like today when I couldn't stop shaking. And seeing certain people triggers it, and you can't control your hand or you get the questions on the homework wrong.

There's a million things to do, and there's so much stress

I'm actually listening to Christmas music to calm me down.

Then you see that one person

Who just brightens your whole day, and your hands stop shaking. Their smile is everything to you no matter how timid, or if it brightens the whole room because it surely brightens your day

Someone came to mind no matter how reluctant

how reluctant you are to admit it, because it's just that one person who you wish you could be with forever

They make every day better

no matter how bad the situation they make you feel like a queen when you feel like a peasant.

They will always be there for you because they love you

and saying those three little words aren't always the most important when you see their love for you in every gesture.

Happy Valentine's Day

From a single, crushing, soul lost girl...

Please love with everything you have

It will always be worth it. I love you also i'm crying writing this just thought you should know

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