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3am talks

by hannaharnett

Absolutely the worst idea

Let me just tell you that at three am when you're tired all your walls are down, and then your brain goes places it shouldn't especially when you're video chatting someone.

Just. Don't. Do. It.

Don't do it unless you're okay being vulnerable because when someone calls you cute at 3 am stuff goes down but then you go to sleep, and you wake up. Reality hits, and you realize you're screwed

I'm so frustrated at myself for letting my walls down

I let my walls down, and let it just become a possibility that i could like this person at 3 am and guess what? I went to sleep, woke up, and he was back with his ex for about the 20th time.

I don't know why it happened

I don't know why i let it happen because i should have seen it coming, but this time i believed him when he said he wasn't going back. and when you're tired, and someone calls you cute it happens

My walls were down

and without realizing it I was attacked. I'm so mad I'm shaking, But you know what I'm just fine. He said he had my back, and maybe he still does as a friend, but I was vulnerable and i thought


I thought that hmmm maybe it wouldn't be so bad if we were together, but you know what I'm cutting him off because i've done got played.

I'm probably going to delete this later

So i might delete this later just because im in a state of insanity right now between wanting a relations and being watned and wanting to hate everything. So this whole thing is probable really..


this is probably really irrational so thats why i might not keep it up because i probably sound like some broken hearted girl because i opened myself up and im just so done with being played with


im not a doll i don't want to be played with and everyone is about to know.

Okay goodbye

advise me pleassseeeee. im so tired of being hurt and being used, and being ugh idek how to form a sentence right now.. bye

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