A late night mind stroll.
A late night mind stroll.  tired stories

hannah12080 I just want a burritoooooooooooo :))))
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Oops! My brain had a pondering walk down damaged lane:)

A late night mind stroll.

When the night gets dark is when my mind starts racing.

Why have I made the decisions I have made? Why did my actions lead me up to this point? When will I escape this sort of darkness that envelops me at the worst of times?

Each time, I am left without an answer. Each night, I wonder why my life has come to this spiral of endless fury for my being. This unsettling feeling of self denial to happiness.

It's during those hours that the guilt and feelings of identity confusion and frustration meet their peaks. Topping it day by day. Night by endless night.

Pondering my existence and giving in to the anxiety that now fogs my mind. The only conclusion I could ever come to was right in front of me. You.

You broke me with your words, and you hurt me with your actions. No one comes with a warning label, and you were a disguised hazard to my heart. For now I am torn. But wait, your time will come.

A time for me to wreck your life as you did to mine.

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