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One Shots Request Open

Ciel x Female Reader *Oh dear lord...* Y/N thought expelling an exasperated sigh. *How did I let her drag me into this?* She thought to herself.

Lady Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford, or as that damned girl herself kept reminding her, Lizzy, had practically kidnapped her to come to a stupid party that Viscount Druitt was holding.

*Viscount Druitt......* Y/N thought while shuddering with an uncomfortable look on her face. Y/N has had many a run in with the young noble that she had rather forget.

Y/N was holding her head in her palm, looking boardly out the window. She had taken a seat in a plush violet couch nearest to said window to escape talking to others.

Y/N hated to speak to anyone, most thought she was mute or deaf.

Little did she know that a certain young earl was watching her with mild interest, as a certain butler watched the young man with growing amusement at the sight.

¨Attention!¨ Y/N looked up to the owner of the shout and shuddered. *Druitt is like the devil himself!* She thought while squirming in his seat at his creepy smile.

¨It seems many of you have grown board at my party! Thus I suggest we play a game! Seven minutes in heaven perhaps?¨ He says winking at a group of young lady´s who giggle stupidly at his action.

Y/N rolled her eyes, unamused at his tactics for attracting women. To her great surprise everyone agreed to the obnoctious game, well, everyone except for her and a strange navy blue haired boy.

*Earl Phantomhive I believe.....* She thought, placing a finger to her chin. Lost in thought, she hadn't realized it was her turn to play.

Lizzy ran up to her and forcefully put Y/N hand in the top hat full of objects. Y/N shot her a withering glare, making the blonde whimper and back up in fear.

Y/N dug around in said hat, until her hand brushed against something cold and metal. She wrapped her fingers around the object and held it up to the audience, one of which gasped annoyingly.

Y/N called out, ¨To whom dose this ring belong?¨ she said coldly with barely any feeling. Many people were shocked at the young woman's voice, most thought she couldn't speak.

The same blue haired boy from before raised his hand as e approached her, he held his hand out while he coldly stated, ¨Thats mine.¨

The only emotions to be found in his voice were anger and annoyance. Y/N´s arm was suddenly grabbed, and she was drug into a dark closet.

Before she could protest, Earl Phantomhive was tossed in as well, crashing into her. Y/N fell from the impact, grabbing onto the only thing she could, him.

He fell with her, the clatter causing many to laugh, including a certain demon butler. Y/N cursed as she recovered from the fall, a fiery blush quickly rising to her face.

The Earl, or as she had learned from snatches of conversations, Ciel, had landed in a very compromising position above her.

He had an arm on either side of her head, and his knee in between her own. She noticed a similar blush rising to his face as he stood up quickly, holding an arm out to her.

¨I apologize for that. ¨ He says, embarrassment flooding his voice. Y/N gently took his hand, anchoring herself as she stood. ¨Quite alright Earl Phantomhive.¨

She said not meeting his gaze, Earl Trancy had taken that exact moment to but in.

¨Y/N, Ciel, you have five minutes remaining and I am not letting you out until you have played the game properly!" He said, causing a chorus of laughter to rise once again.

Y/N grimmanced while Ciel just looked very annoyed. *Well isn't he just a peach to be around?* She thought, sighing she walked closer to the young earl at a steady pace.

He backed up, and as his back hit the wall Y/N trapped him with her arms. ¨What do you think your doing?!¨He hissed, Y/N chuckled, amused by his reaction.

¨Well you certainly were never going to get around to it.¨ She said as she trapped his lips in hers, her eyes closed as Ciel gave up and melted into the kiss.

She broke away from the kiss and smirked at his stupefied face. He became annoyed at this and flipped them, pinning her to the wall. ¨I didn't say you could stop.¨ He growled out.

Hannah laughed at his childish demeanor and grabbed his collar. ¨Then don't. ¨ She said playfully as she attached there lips, she soon melted into the passionate kiss.

As they broke for air, they smiled at each other while panting slightly. ¨You are definitely coming to my manor after this.¨

He says as the door opened, revealing a very pissed off Lizzy and a smirking butler. ¨What was your first clue?¨ Y/N says teasingly to him. ¨Just come!¨

Chapter 2 Mare x Female reader Red Queen

Y/N was walking quickly through Summerton, the Silver family to which she serves had called upon her. She of course served the most noble of all the silver families, the house Calore. Something strange had happened as of late, a beautiful silver girl, of whom she have only glimpsed, had arrived at the palace. They say she is the daughter of the late Titanos family.

*I wonder if I will get to meet her?* Y/N wondered to herself. Y/N kept her head down, fear of attracting attention shot through her as a young silver girl had begun to stare at her coldly. *To be young again.... I haven't seen Mare Barrow in years.* Y/N said reminiscing about the all be it poor but fun life in the stilts with her old friend. *To think I even developed a crush on her....*

Y/N thought while blushing furiously, her seemingly red stained cheeks a single red rose in sea of silver. Y/N sighed depressingly as she sped through the castle, until she crashed into a waterfall of purple. Y/N ended up on top of the one person she thought she would never see again. ¨Mare?¨ Y/N whispered looking at the silver girl confused.

Just then the girl clad in a royal purple nightgown threw Y/N and her self into a well placed closet nearby. She had Y/N pressed up against the wall, Mare´s knee was in between her own. Mare had also pinned up Y/N´s arms by her side. ¨How?¨ Mare asked fear and anger in her voice. ¨How do you know who I am?!¨ She asked angrily, Y/N had managed to flip them so that Mare was now on the wall.

Y/N kissed her passionately, years of pent up emotion flowing forth. ¨I missed you Mare-Bear...¨ She said as they broke for air. End Requested by theydontseeme

Kaneki Ken x Male Reader Requested by animekitty1

Y/N sat in the corner of the rowdy party, he was notoriously shy, thus being the reason why he was here. His best friend Sora, whom he had known since infancy, had drug him here. That wasn't even the worst of it, the bad part is that he wants him to meet girls. *How do you tell people that your gay?! Do you just walk up and say it?.....* He thought to himself nervously.

This is one of the things he hates about being shy, you can't come out of the closet as easily as you would like. Just then, Sora came barreling in, grabbing poor Y/N by the arm and dragging him into the living room. ¨Sora what the hell?¨ Y/N hisses out quietly, his face ablaze from alcohol and the close proximity to so many handsome guys.

¨You are going to play 7 minutes in heaven, and if you struggle, so help me god, your gonna wish you had never met me.¨ Y/N visibly gulped, his adam's apple bobbing and a fearful look in his eyes. *Aw shit....* He thought, looking around at the faces joining in for the game. His crush, Ken Kaneki, was there. Sora took off his ball cap and put it in front of Y/N's face.

¨Put an item in, my dude.¨ He says with a smirk, Y/N meekly takes of his glasses, (if you don't wear them think of another item), and Sora began to hop around gathering items from everyone, but something happened when he got to Kaneki. As he held the hat to him he quietly, but politely stated, ¨I´d rather not place an item in, rather, I would like to choose one."

He says, Sora looks confused until it clicks in his brain. ¨Alright man, I wont judge ya for it.¨ He says with a kind smile. ~Le time skeep to Kaneki´s turn~ XD

It was Kaneki´s turn to choose, and only two objects were left in the hat, Y/N´s and Sora´s. Sora had a look of worry on his face while Y/N´s was filled with hope. Kaneki calmly pulled out his hand, and in it lied Y/N´s glasses. Sora gave you an apologetic look as he shoved you and Kaneki into the closet. Y/N stumbled, he was falling forward, a soft and gentle hand wrapped around his arm.

In the total darkness Y/N felt himself being pulled into Kaneki's chest. Kaneki smirked as his eyes turned red by the mere scent of the boy. He leaned closer to Y/N´s ear and spoke quietly, ¨You smell delicious...¨

Natsu x Male! Reader Requested by chriswrites

*Today's the day!* Y/N thought to himself as he ran down the streets of Magnolia, not bothering to look where he was going. As he was running, a certain pink haired salamander ran out in the middle of the street. "Watch out!" Y/N yelled, but it was to late. The two boys collided, they tumbled together, ending up inside the Fairy Tail guild hall.

As soon as they crashed through the doors, Y/N leaped up, leaving Natsu flushed and flustered from the close proximity to you. Y/N walked over to Mirajane with a huge grin on his face. "Hi! Im Y/N and I want to join Fairy Tail!" He says happily, glancing over at Natsu, who was still on the floor, in the process. "Sure!" Mirajane says with a smile. "Just let me go get Master to approve!"

Mirajane says while walking off, you on the other hand walked over to Natsu with your hand out. "Here, sorry bout that!" You say with a close eyed smile. Natsu turns bright red and stutters,"N-no p-problem!" He says grabbing your hand, he turns even more red just by touching your hand. As you yank him up with ease, you place a kiss on his cheek.

"Hows that for an apology?" You say with a smirk. Everyone looks at you dumbfounded while Natsu just hides his face in his scarf. "P-pretty g-good!" He squeaks out. As Markov comes out of his office and motions for you to come up, you lean closer to Natsu's ear and whisper, "We will continue this later." You wink with a smile, Natsu furiously nods and hides his face.

"O-okay." He says, his voice really high pitched. Happy flys down and gets behind Natsu. "You like him!~" He says in a sing song voice, Natsu looks down and quietly says, "Yeah, I guess I do..."

Lancer x Female Reader requested by lonelygirl

*Not this again...* Y/N thought while staring coldly at the mischievous male. *What the hell is with all the pranks lately?!* She thought while wiping water from her eyes, the forgotten bucket laying on the floor by her feet.

Lancer was cackling on the floor, that is, until Y/N was on top of him, pinning him to the floor. ¨Lancer, WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL?!?!?¨ She practically screamed in his face.

He was laughing to the point of tears, ¨You should have seen your face!¨ He said, barely breathing. Y/N smirked and ten leaned down, passionately kissing him.

Lancer froze, turning beet red as he kissed back. Just as the kiss was becoming heated, Y/N pulled back and smirked. She quickly got off of him as she chuckled quietly.

¨And you should see yours.¨ END

Denmark x Female Reader

Denmark's POV 'Dammit..' I thought. I had drug all my brothers, yes even Iceland, to Americas party. 'I'm starting to wish I hadn't.' I thought blushing. America had the bright idea to play a game, but it couldn't be a drinking game.

No, it just had to be seven minutes in heaven. We all had put our items in his ball cap, several countries had gone, but now, the beautiful girl known as Y/N was going up. I had fallen in love with this fair girl since I had met her, she was just as gorgeous then as she is now. She had finally picked out an item, the other guys participating waited with baited breath.

Y/N POV 'I hope I get Mathias's item..' I thought while pulling the soft fringe like item out of the hat. When I saw what it was, I froze as did Mathias. It was the tassel off of Mathias's axe, I internally scream in joy and nervousness.

I hold my hand out to Mathias and he shakily takes it, I don't think I have ever seen him so nervous in all the time I have known him. I lead him into the closet with a pink blush on my face, I hear Alfred close and lock the door behind us. I quickly put the tassel in his tucking a extra lock of hair behind my ear.

Denmark's POV I clear my throat awkwardly and rub the back of my neck, 'Get ahold of yourself! Now's the perfect time!' As I open my mouth to speak, Y/N cuts me off. "Mathias, I have liked you

for a while now a-and.." She takes my significantly larger hand in her delicate ones. "I hope that the feeling is mutual." Even though its to dark to tell, I know she has just bowed her head in that cute way that drives me insane. I capture her chin with my thumb and index finger while wrapping m free hand around her waist.

I kiss her long and lovingly. "Does that answer our question?" I ask quietly for once. She nods slowly, her hair slightly bouncing. I smile a genuine smile and lean down again, but right before I kiss her again I whisper, "Thank god, I've been waiting for this forever."

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