Sapphire: JANE part07
Sapphire: JANE
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A month passed with all the preparation for the album and the day of the releasing has come , JANE was so nervous actually not only her everyone who worked so hard with her , after releasing that dark sad music video it was a massive hits and took the first place in Korea charts even entering billboard charts for the fifth place,

Sapphire: JANE part07

A month passed with all the preparation for the album and the day of the releasing has come , JANE was so nervous actually not only her everyone who worked so hard with her ,

after releasing that dark sad music video it was a massive hits and took the first place in Korea charts even entering billboard charts for the fifth place,

that was shocking impressive never happen before that a debut song do this much, people fell in love with JANE and her voice; her style, which was an expected to JANE ,

back in the studio she was so happy and the entire stuff and everyone congratulated her parents called her and they were so happy but the one she expected to call didn't JIN,

yes he didn't she convinced herself that he's busy and all but still hurt her that he can't be with her.

In the next day she start preparing for her first stage appearance on KBS platform (KBS is the national public broadcaster of south Korea ) to reach this place with a debut song is a dream

to many, taking the first place for three weeks that shows how much she worked hard for her dream.

And it all began with that emotional song LOST to be named by her fans and the public '' THE DARK QUEEN ''.

A month after JANE released the second album and it was a hit and she start to be well known by people,

JANE was really tired she even went to the hospital and the doctor told her she need well rest.

Next day in the director's office '' I need to take break I'm feeling so tired I can't work like this '' JANE said ,

the director didn't want too but after the doctor's word he decided to give her short break '' okay but for one month only and remember do nothing without consulting me first,

you going to stay at home or leave to your parents' house?'' ;

'' I wanna go to Bussan I missed my parents'' JANE missed her parents it's been really long time since she saw them,

went to the studio to say goodbye to MJ (during the time they spend together in the company and as her sunbae he give her advices and encouragement in her new road, MJ really helped her a lot,

they become really close friends); took her things and went back to the dorm to pack her bags.

On the way to her home town JANE's mind was full with thoughts how JIN will react if he saw her, why he didn't congratulated her,

her thoughts been interrupted by her manager ''okay we arrived'' , they got off the car and SANGWOO brought her bags then he said goodbye and went back to Seoul,

she knocked the door ''mommy'' with childish load tone, her dad opened the door ''JAAAANEEEEEE'' screaming of the joy he lifted his daughter hugging her ''I missed you my stupid daughter,

darling JANE is here'' he called his wife '' JANE''!!

her mom was surprised of her sudden visit, '' mommy '' they were hugging and kissing each other it was such beautiful sweet moments to see full with love,

they went inside and JANE went to her room straight to sleep like panda but hey she's tired and it's her home which she missed being in it.

In the evening JANE wake up took a bath and went down stairs found her mom preparing for her a fancy meal full of food JANE like and there were four places '' mom are you expecting someone

why there four seats ?!'' JANE was wondering then she were kind of sad suddenly when her mom said ''what! Are you kidding? Did you forget JIN or what?!'', '' what you mean?

JIN is coming here? Does he know I came?

'' JANE asked with curiosity; '' I called when you were asleep and told him that you came,

because yesterday he told me he's not coming today" her mom replayed while finishing sating the table '' AA okay...

wait what? Yesterday?

'' JANE was surprised also confused what he was doing here,

'' you don't know; JIN was visiting us since you left he was worried about us and wanted to take care of us like you used to do'' mom said that and there were knocking on the door,

JANE went to open since her mom is busy and her dad went to bring wine from the basement, '' hi JANE it's been long time'' she saw him! It's him!

JIN in front of her standing at the door with that beautiful smile she adored hearing her name coming out of his mouth is music to her ears made her heart beet so fast as if he wanted

to jump out of her chest to hug him suddenly her mom came '' JANE let him in why you keeping him out it's cold'' JANE waked up from that strange feeling and was about to open her mouth

when JIN passed by her she was drugged by his smell, she kept wondering what's going on with her, ''she's acting weird'' her mom was laughing at JANE,

they sited on the table and all this time JANE didn't say any word she was just looking at JIN wondering if this is real no matter how long she looked at him it feel like he's

another person despite that he's the same person, everyone was eating in silence .

After finishing their male JANE did the dishes with JIN!!

Her parents were in the living room watching TV and JIN asked if he can help, JANE nodded to him they finished the dishes then '' let's take a walk didn't you miss Bussan?

!'' JIN turned to JANE while she was going to sit with her parents '' okay '' the first word JANE said to him in the entire evening. They put their jackets on and went outside.

They were walking and JIN took the opportunity to break the silence with '' I heard your song the dark queen'' ending it with laugh, JANE looked at him and smiled,

they reach to a chair they used to come here when they were kids and sit on it ''how's everything in your life?

'' JANE asked,

'' not much the same everyday'' he replied but JANE felt like there still words after it '' I was planning to see you in Seoul this week because I have work there to tell you

something important but now that you came let me tell me'' JIN said with a serious mysterious tone,

he turned to JANE and said with smile ''while you were gone a lot happen you don't know about and one of those things is I'M GETTING MARRIED'',

JANE didn't believe what her ears heard she felt something deep down in her heart didn't felt it before,

her eyes were wide opened then she realized it '' ooh really I'm happy for you congrats'' said with happy face and hugged him,

but what we see in the outside isn't always the same on the inside; JANE felt that moment as if the world she know collapsed but why she's feeling like that ! She didn't love him or she does?!.

They reach home where they stopped on the front garden '' goodnight JIN and congrats once again'' JANE said goodnight and was going inside then JIN said '' wait' then he took out something

from his car and it was the wedding card!

' here I hope you come '' JANE took it without any word she felt like someone just drop her in the middle of nowhere and she can't find the way back home,

she laid on her bad looking at the card { YOUR INVITED TO JIN&SUNMI wedding} suddenly her eyes were red and terry she cut it to half and start crying hard'' why I'm crying my friend found

his soul mate I should be happy why I'm crying; I'm the one who left him chasing my dream NOW I realized I can't without JIN'' she was feeling sorry for herself,

when she was away from JIN she felt more than friend missing his friend she finally know that what was all the time to her as friend it was love and now she know there's

no turning back '' I JUST KILLED MY HEART '' she said looking to the mirror then laid in bad looking at nothing as someone his soul just separate from his body.

What about JIN, that men who still sitting in his car hating everything about him ''I made her cry, she's crying because of me I broke her,

why I'm trapped in this big maze can't find the way out,

but it's for her she will be happy it's for her'' he was screaming and hitting the wheel as crazy person; why JIN decided to get married despite he still love JANE and why he said it's for her??

JANE POV: alone in this barren desert, searching for you and can't seem to find you; I screamed loud but you can't hear me, I write what I feel but the wings of defeat erase it,

and I stand here alone under the name of lost ...

JIN POV: your absence scratches the memory of time, making my world distorted; I pretend to be happy despite it haunts me every evening, I try to ignore the idea of saying goodbye,

but she visit me every night in your picture...

I know you guys are curious about the reason that made JIN marry despite he still love JANE, if you want to know stay with us in the next part ...

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