Sapphire: JANE part 11
Sapphire: JANE
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The sun came up announcing a new day, another day to live chasing time and dreams, it was the wedding day which will decide their paths or we can say it's already decided but no one know what happened in our life road; the day that will sit everything to the five of them

Sapphire: JANE part 11

The sun came up announcing a new day, another day to live chasing time and dreams,

it was the wedding day which will decide their paths or we can say it's already decided but no one know what happened in our life road; the day that will sit everything to the five of them

and specially to our broken angels, on this beautiful day someone will lose but who could be.

The quiet angel JANE waked up and did her routine then it was about time to go, she got dressed and was waiting in the living room for her manager to come pick her up,

she called him earlier and he already know from the company that it was her comeback day, she heard the horn of the car outside knew that was SUNGWOO oppa (THE MANAGER),

got out to see that surprise MJ! Is standing all dressed up '' oppa! What you're doing here?

'' she hugged him and was happy to see him, ''how could you not tell me! I'm sad'' MJ said with baby face JANE asked him why then he said ''he's marrying right?

! And you want to go there alone!

'' MJ know about JIN and what happened, he's the one who told her to be honest with JIN and open her heart to him, ''I'm sorry I didn't tell you'' she looked sad,

''fine we will talk about that later, but are you sure about it?

JANE you love him '',

''I have to go oppa let's talk later please'' she was going to the car then MJ grabbed her and said ''you're not going alone I will go with you like it or not'' he opened the door for her

and took off, somehow JANE felt a bit relief that MJ is going with her, in the car ''thank you for being with me,

I don't think I will handle all this alone'' her eyes were showing what's inside, it's true when they said the eyes are the mirror of the soul,

no matter how strong we look from the outside our eyes always expose our true feelings. Then she looked back to the window; MJ can see her aching so he took the silence as reply to her.

In the way to the wedding JANE was looking outside trying to hold her tears from leaving their place.

On the other side in that locked room where you can hear that crying voice, there he was sitting like a lost child trapped in a dark corner can't opened his eyes afraid to see the monsters,

a men wearing his suits looking like he came out from fairy tale stories, who seem the perfect men who got it all to the others eyes, no one know what he's holding inside of him,

his eyes tell the truth of his shattered heart, no one seem to hear those screaming voices inside, lost the hope to fight again,

reaching his hand to wave the white flag in these cruelness war where he lost it all.

Standing facing that wedding hall that beautiful women who look like a star felled from the sky with that black dress who match the color of her heart,

her legs were shacking almost failed to stand,

MJ grabbed her and hugged that tiny girl as if he knew she's letting go of her tears ''it's okay; it's okay shhhh'' he was holding her strongly and patting her back until he felt that she

was calmed, she looked at him '' if you saw me failing just hold me'' she looked powerless and can't even move ''I'm here count on me'' MJ said encouraging her,

as soon as they went in everyone was fascinated to see Korea number one star MJ with JANE,

MJ took her hand and sit on the table with MARK and MOLI who were surprised to see both of them together,

meanwhile at the bride's room we can hear loud voices coming out ; here she was with that beautiful white dress look like it was made for her sitting there and watching

her parents fighting ''MOM stop,

I agreed on this wedding and dad didn't force me'' SUNMI specked calmly; (SUNMI's parents are divorced and her mom left to US with her but when the mom got married again,

SUNMI got back to her dad, and her mom always thought of her husband as cold heart and only care for business so she knew that this marriage is only a business deal),

her mom left the room suddenly ''dad I'm not wrong, right?

'' SUNMI was unsure all of sudden of her choice ''JIN is good men'' her dad patted on her shoulders to make her feel safe, in the hall everyone was waiting for JIN to show up he was late,

his brothers was looking for him, his dad was getting a bit anxious,

MARK was calling him and about to go to his hotel then the door opened and here he is our groom walking on the runway with attitude to cover the scars,

moments later there was SUNMI with her dad walking to her prince; JIN took her hand and looked to the officient to begin then there was the vows that every couple want to hear,

the officiant addressed JIN ''PARK JIN do you take KIM SUNMI as you lawful wife to have and to hold from this day forward for better for worse for richer and for poorer,

in sickness and health until death do you part?

'', JIN just looking without any reply, he looked aside to see JANE who was feeling like she were in hell everything was turning black to her,

their eyes met together but she looked away ''I DO'' JIN said it clearly closing his eyes,

then it was SUNMI's turn ''do you KIM SUNMI take PARK JIN as your lawful husband until death do you part?

'' SUNMI looked at JIN saying ''I DO'', ''by the power I have I announce you wife and husband, you may kiss the bride'' it was last step to be real wife and husband,

JIN turned to SUNMI's side and kissed her head, at that moment someone is holding her tears her heart was in so much pain MJ looked at her and hold her hand,

her terry eyes were saying ''I can't!

save me please'' MJ felt sorry for her was just holding her hand strongly to make her feel a bit ease but it's not easy at all to see your love slipped from your hand and you can do

nothing about it.

In the after party,

it was time for JANE to be up on stage but she wasn't alone; yes her savior MJ was with her to sing together a song is all about love and happiness which she couldn't have with her

only love fatefully she's gifting it for him and his bride,

she was holding the mike ''this for our main couple'' and with that beautiful angelic voice with MJ's powerful emotional voice in harmony were touching everyone's heart in the master piece

of KIM BUM SOO- I LOVE YOU, JANE was living their memories in each word, in each melody, here comes the goodbye the tears were coming out, each tear tell you her story,

the song finished and everyone was standing and clapping for the blessing voices they just witnessed but those two heart were saying goodbye for the last time,

in silence they were breaking to pieces, holding their scream, there's no coming back now the wounds are opened and need time to cover.

JANE left the stage with MJ, got in the car and took off to Seoul not saying goodbye to anyone, just want to be alone and away,

meanwhile JIN was searching for her but can't seem to find her ''aunt did you see JANE?'' asked JANE'S mom, she was a bit confused ''you don't know!?

, JANE left to Seoul today she didn't even said goodbye, she was in hurry'',

in his mind the only thing he heard [JANE left to Seoul] he was powerless his mind and heart can't accept that this the end, then it was about time for the newly couple to go for the honeymoon trip that was gifted by SUNMI's parents; at first JIN refused the idea but when he thought of it he can take advantage of it to organize his live, they got in the car after saying goodbye and went for the airport straight, after a bit they were on the plane heading to NEW Caledonia hoping it will fix his heart.


no one denied that losing your other half is just the same when your soul leaves your body BUT this our life and it's our choices that led us to this place where we are standing now, the regrets and the sorrows can't make any difference now when everything is gone, it's just too late. TIME wouldn't stop at us he will just leave us behind and move on, when we realized that it will be too late we will be just like an old toy left in the closet forgotten by the kid who is an adult now.

This is our goodbye, the last hug; the last dance; the last time our heart will meet, I stood looking at you leaving remembering our moments, hoping to grow once more inside of us,

until we believe that love is bitter, if not for the bitterness of things we won't feel its sweetness.

It seems to be the end, but each end is just another beginning... let's hope for the best and we will meet in the next part...

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