He couldn't wait until he went back home and told Chan that their ship was finally sailing.
The one where... kpop stories

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Hyunjin is a little too excited and Minho is just minding his own business.

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He couldn't wait until he went back home and told Chan that their ship was finally sailing.

The one where...

by Princess_Sana

Hyunjin was excited, so excited in fact that he stayed outside the bookstore, waiting for it to open, just so he can be the first one in.

He has been waiting months and months for this book to release and he would not allow himself to be late to get his hands on it.

Even if it meant waking up at five-thirty in the morning, getting ready, and driving thirty minutes to the store, waiting an additional thirty minutes for it to open.

If he was being completely honest, all of that was unnecessary.

The book that he was wanting was one that was not even that popular, by an author who deserved more recognition.

If Hyunjin wanted, he could arrive at the store hours after it has been open and he would still be the first and only one to buy it that day.

But he was too excited to wait that long to read the masterpiece.

Hyunjin looked down at his phone, watching the time. Only a couple of minutes: ten to be exact, before the store would open. Through the glass door, Hyunjin can see the display of the book.

He smiled at himself. "You'll be mine soon enough."

Hyunjin was glad that no one was around, the streets around him quiet, except for a few cars driving past him.

And that meant that he can talk to himself all he wants without receiving any odd looks from anyone. He just wished that it was like that for him daily.

Hyunjin was not always so awkward and bad at meeting new people. When he was younger, he was actually quite good at making friends. But then again, so was everyone else at the age of ten.

And as soon as he became a teenager, along with everyone else he went to school with, he became bad, awful even.

For starters, he would laugh at just about anything and everything. When he felt awkward: he would laugh. When he was embarrassed: he would laugh.

When he was trying to tell someone something that was in no way funny: he would laugh simply because he found eye contact funny and awkward.

And Hyunjin learned quickly that not everyone liked him laughing ALL THE TIME.

Another reason why he was bad at making friends was that, no matter how hard he tried, he could not for the life of him keep a conversation going.

He was just glad that he met Seungmin and Felix when he did. Those two have been his friend for years and their friendship was still as strong as ever.

Sharing the same taste in movies, songs, books, and just about everything. With those two, Hyunjin could be his awkward self and they will accept him with open arms, no questions asked.

"Good Morning Hyunjin," the owner's son stood in front of the books store's door, keys jingling in one hand and a cup of coffee in another.

The older looked at Hyunjin amusingly, smiling a bit at the excited expression on his face.

"Hi, Woojin." Hyunjin began shifting from his heel to toe, ready to prance at the book as soon as Woojin got the door open.

"You're here a little early, how long have you been waiting?" Woojin handed Hyunjin the cup of coffee to hold as he opened the clear door.

"Just thirty minutes." Hyunjin acted as if thirty minutes was nothing, shrugging his shoulders and ignoring the surprised expression on Woojin's face.

"You sure are something else." Hyunjin could feel heat rush to his face at the older one's words.

"Oh. Thanks." As soon as the door opened Hyunjin handed the coffee to Woojin and darted to the display, grabbing a hold of the first book that touched his finger.

"Finally!!" Hyunjin hugged the book to his chest, smiling to himself as he felt the edges of the hard copy dig into his skin.

He opened the front cover loving the way the smooth paper felt underneath his fingertips.

Hyunjin desperately wanted to whisper 'my precious' but didn't. Not wanting to look even more of a dork than he already does caressing a book.

As if it helped his image in front of Woojin who was greeting another customer as they walked into the store, Hyunjin brought the book to his face and inhaled.

Filling his nostrils with the smell of ink. That smell single-handedly could send Hyunjin to the moon.

He couldn't express his happiness enough. It was always like this every time a new book/video game/comic that Hyunjin liked got released.

The only thing that was missing is his friends beside him, also fanboying over the new release. But this particular book was Hyunjin's very own gem.

He was the only one in their small group that enjoyed the author's work and that really bummed Hyunjin out. He really wanted to talk to someone about it.

Hyunjin kept caressing the book until moments later when he threw his head back, let out a girlish squeal, and spread his wide arms outward,

hitting a person with the back of his hand as he did so. His smile fell off of his face. He turned around and saw a boy fall to his butt.

Hyunjin was too busy to hear the loud laughter of Woojin coming from the other end of the store.


"Oww," the boy who Hyujin backhanded (by accident) brought his hand to his face. Hyunjin quickly kneeled next to him.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I really did not see you there. Are you okay? Oh my god! How's your eye? Did I hit your eye? I think I did.

Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh no, hopefully, I didn't leave you a black-" Hyunjin was on a roll with his storm of questions directed towards the boy on the ground.

The only thing that stopped him was a hand that placed itself onto Hyunjin's lips. He widened his eyes, looking at the boy who had his hands over Hyunjin's mouth.

The boy had a sharp pointy nose. A beauty mark on the said nose. Brown wide eyes, staring right back at Hyunjin.

Pink lips that were opened slightly, allowing Hyunjin to see the boy's pearly whites. Light brown hair that was parted slightly in the front, showing off his incredible forehead.

Hyunjin couldn't help but look in awe at the beautiful boy sitting down in front of him, hand on his mouth.

"Wow," His voice was muffled.

As if he finally noticed what he was doing, the boy uncovered Hyunjin's mouth sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. "Sorry, you were just talking so fast."

A beautiful, soft, soothing voice came out of the pink lips.

"No, I'm sorry for hitting you. And for making you fall." Hyunjin stood up, offering a hand to the boy to help him stand up as well.

Hyunjin blushed as the boy grabbed a hold of his hand, there was a noticeable warmth that filled Hyunjin's whole body.

"Is your eye okay?" He reached over and lightly touched the red mark above the boy's left eyebrow. He instantly felt bad.

The boy flinched under his touch, Hyunjin quickly retrieved his hand. He mumbled another sorry.

"It's okay," the boy smiled, causing Hyunjin's heart to flutter. "I guess you can say that I FELL for you."

Hyunjin cringed at how cheesy the boy's line was. But no matter how cheesy it was, it still made Hyunjin blush like a twelve-year-old girl.

The expression on the boy's face caused Hyunjin to burst out laughing. It was a mixture of shock and embarrassment. As if he could not believe that he just said that to Hyunjin.

A stranger whose name he still does not know.

"Oh god, I didn't mean it like that. I mean i did but not like that. I only just met you." As if the two had switched bodies, the boy was now the one rambling.

"You know what," the boy, who now had a beet-red face, reached over behind Hyunjin and grabbed a copy of the book. "I'm just going to take this and leave. It was nice fallin- MEETING you."

Hyunjin was shocked. He didn't think that anyone else would read the book, or at least not anyone his age. The writing and genre were more of a target towards an older age group.

And by the looks of the boy's clear smooth face, he was about the same age as Hyunjin. Maybe a couple of years older.

"You read his books?" the boy stopped dead in his tracks at the sound of Hyunjin's voice. He slowly turned around the book in his hand.

Hyunjin noticed how his face still had a hint of red to it. He was sure that he mirrored it.

"Yeah, he's one of my favorite authors."

"He's one of my favorite authors too." Hyunjin couldn't turn back. His geekiness was peaking through and there was no way of stopping him. "Oh my god, what's your favorite novel he's written?"

The two boys shared the same expression: a smile spreading from one ear to another and their eyes gleaming as they looked into each other's eyes.

Woojin, who was standing behind the front counter, watching as his two best customers finally meet, smiled to himself.

He has been waiting for the moment the two finally looked up from their nose stuck in a book and cross paths.

Now, their attention was on each other and nothing else. Woojin smiled. Feeling so happy that Minho and Hyunjin were actually talking to one another.

He couldn't wait until he went back home and told Chan that their ship was finally sailing.

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