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Umbrella--my protection, my storm.

A freestyle poem for the day's prompt.


Dark clouds are swimming Thus I sail with my umbrella

Afraid of the cold's dive; I clothe myself with this coat.

The sunshine's touch burns me Thus I freeze with my umbrella.

Afraid of the warm's fire; I clothe myself with this hat.

Smoke and fog of the world My umbrella blows for a new--

A roof from their rain showers; Though a cloud of my drops.

Now, my umbrella's turning to a house, No windows for their wind and dust,

But also bars of storms and thunders Pulling the rays of the sun's smiles.

I'm very afraid so I never show to people I'm very anxious so I hide under,

This umbrella protecting me from them This umbrella collecting my billow of emptiness.

I protect myself from the outside, But apparently become my prison.

I'm very afraid, should I let them kill me Or should I do it on my own instead?

My own hurricane's messing me up. I can't survive from my own storms.

Please rescue me, I'm drowning in deep. Please hold me, and pull my hand.

But no matter they help, I always sink in. I'm an anchor who always sink, never swim.

Deeper I go, I can't see light anymore. I'm stuck under this forever of abyss.

But no! I won't let bullshits do this to me! I'll show that anchors too can swim!

I'll prove that there's light under! I'll prove that I can save myself!

I may be fucked up today, But I know! I'll get out of this!

I know it! I won't let it! I shall save myself!

A day will come when I would go out, When I will dance under the rain,

Or chase butterflies on the grasses, Without my hand's grip of my umbrella.

I shall face the world with my umbrella no more.

Thank you for reading ladies and gentlemen.

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