A Nightmare
A Nightmare violence stories

hanchanah97 Filipino | 97 Liner | Amateur Writer
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Violence is indeed a nightmare.

A Nightmare

by hanchanah97

A loud scream woke me up from a deep sleep.

With heavy breathing, I roamed my eyes only to see the darkness.

I could hear voices outside my room––they seemed to be asking for help.

I was about to stand up, when suddenly, my breath hitched as I heard something exploded.

Cries followed.

Panting, I opened my eyes. It was only a nightmare.

Thank God! I felt relief.

Before I slept earlier, I remembered watching the news. All of the news reported were about the violence happening now in our country.

We can’t predict when will terrorists try to attempt with our lives again. Maybe that was the reason why I had that kind of dream.

Minutes passed, after contemplating, I started to close my eyes again. With eyes closed, I still kept on thinking.

The fear I felt in my dream, it must have been like that or worse for those people in the affected areas.

I could not imagine how they coped up with the terrible situation. It must have been hard for them, trying to survive.

Silently, I began to pray.

I prayed for lives at stake.

I prayed for our country.

I even prayed for my own life.

I prayed and prayed until slowly, drowned myself to sleep again.

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