The Winkers Part Two
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Mira have arrived at Morio the hidden world. There she saw a lot of Winkers and Probles. And finally met Chamenlia the kindest, greatest Winker.

About Winkers: Winkers are protectors of Nature, by using magic with magical creatures, Probles, together they will stop people from destroying the Nature. Read now!

The Winkers Part Two

Mira haved arrived at Morio. She faced a castle that looked new and clean, it is a white castle with blue roof. It was so huge that she thought it

is was giant."Oooooooh," she moaned excitedly. "A beauty right?" The cat asked. Mira nodded yes. "Before the test, let's meet Chamenlia." "Who?" "Cha-men-li-ya.

She's the greatest Winker," the cat said.

Inside the castle was full of children wearing black robes. Carrying books, wands, and with creatures that Mira never seen before.

"The partners are called Proble, like Winkers, Proble protect the nature," the cat said while guiding Mira to Chamenlia.

Minutes later, Mira noticed a hall with no neither Winkers nor Probles. "You can see the hall can't you, I can't because I'm only a cat not a Winker," the cat didn't wait for Mira to ask.

At last, they entered a room. She saw a woman with wings, long dragon-like tail and full of books at the cabinet and at the floor.

"Chamenlia, I have brought you the Winker called Mira." Chamenlia looked at Mira and smiled. "Are you 11 or 12 years old, dear?" She asked in a kind voice. "Umm, neither, I'm only 8 years Miss..."

"Miss Chamenlia is the name of mine," Chamenlia smiled. "This school of yours is wonderful, can't wait to learn here," Mira murmured. "I'm glad to hear that, but first a test."

To be continued. :)

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