Sticks and Stones
Sticks and Stones tragedy stories

hanameimelancholic writer and reader.
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Heavily inspired by Justin Nozuka's song "Save Him."

Sticks and Stones

by hanamei

The couple that moved in next door -

Lovely people, laughing and kissing as if the rest of the world didn't exist, seems like they had found their own slice of heaven.

Golden rings bind them together,

Stained soulmates forever more, but there is only room for two. Deep at night the neighbors are wakened from their slumber by cries for mercy and thunderous slaps.

He brandishes his love like a knife,

Fists and cruel words rain down on her day in, day out, and he tells her just this once, never again; and she clings onto her love like a lifeline, holding on for dear life.

Deep at night she kisses her child,

Gets on her knees and prays, "Save him, save him, from the hand he beats me on."

Sticks and stones may break her bones,

but love will always be above; for long ago her mother had thrown herself into her husband's drunken rage and violence, shielding her child from the worst of it, the truest of love.

Deep at night the neighbors are woken from their dreams,

And she is begging please, she loves him, he is all she needs, and she would never leave him but her cries fall to deaf ears.

He brings his fists down again and again,

Until she can no longer stand, and still the beating goes on and on, until he comes back with a gun, striding towards her child.

She cries harder and harder, (Baby please don't do this) And his cries grow louder and louder (Stop crying)

She jumps in front of the crib,

Three shots to her chest, and she falls to the ground, shaking, shaking, until she is still.


He runs to her, "I didn't mean it, I love you, please," and his cries ring throughout the empty house, mingling with the cries of their son.

A blow to his own head,

and their baby cries and cries harder and harder, alone in his crib.

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