Loves Him Not
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hanameimelancholic writer and reader.
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Loves Him Not

by hanamei

She says she loves him, but what is behind her back? Crossed fingers.

He's holding her so close, so close she can barely breathe,

but she wonders if her feelings would grow as the days go by. Is he merely a distraction from the loneliness, or does her heart truly beat for him?

Conflicted, she uncrosses her fingers,

and holds him even closer. She finds solace in his arms and in his presence, but she knows she lacks. She knows one day she will no longer be good enough.

She doesn't know if she can keep his interest for long,

but she tries. And try she does, harder than ever, to love him. Before long, her heart starts beating him.

He says he loves her,

whispers sweet nothings to her every night, but what is that behind his back? Empty hands.

Perhaps, it is he who no longer loves her; for she is crying, and he feels nothing.

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