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hamishmitchell the next great scottish poet... maybe
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I dealt with a break up whilst on anti depressants once. I was unable to feel the usual loss, and was left feeling nothing.


I stared my past in the eyes today, And she gazed back at me, and spoke in hushed tones,

As if talking like we used to would Grind all thats left to dust.

I find it mad how people say, Love hurts most when you're on your own

That the absence of love could Denote it as a must.

I think the lack will keep me sane, But I don't feel as I should when alone,

I can't move forward although I should Allow myself to adjust.

I feel the change upon the waves, And I look but cannot find home.

Instead I'm stuck on ground I've stood For many a year, but can no longer trust.

I cannot know what path I'll pave. Nor if I'll ever find my Rome.

All my faith to not conclude, Will not have time to rust.

From this point i carry on, Leave my heart just lying there

And if the time is only right,

It will return and I will be free.

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