Things rick riordan fans all agree on
Things rick riordan fans all agree on pjo stories

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Facts all rick riordan fans agree on

Things rick riordan fans all agree on

Rick is a troll. Percy=persassy. Percabeth will be around forever. Hercules is a jerk. Percy’s name did NOT give him good luck. Hera sucks. Octavian needs to die over and over again. Sally jackson is the best mom Blue food. Leo is funny. Percy is stronger than the gods.

RICK IS SUCH A TROLL!!! Festus is awesome. Annabeth did a great job redesigning mount olympus. Ares is a wimp. We will never forgive smelly Gabe. We forgive Luke. Silent Beauregard was a hero. Posieden is a great dad. Percy can’t die. He went through Tartarus and survived. Nothing can destroy percabeth, not even rick riordan himself.

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