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This is dedicated to @soothrain

She convinced me to publish this on commaful.

Death Film

Chapter One "Lights, camera, action." Ashley said in her "Director Voice" and pointed her camera in Derek's face. He laughed, and started dancing awkwardly. "There you go," Ashley said, "show me the moves." "Y'all," Carter said from behind them, "stop f***ing around. She's almost here."

"What was the plan again?" Sarah asked. She was holding a plastic container filled with worms. "When she sets her bag down, we put the worms in it. She'll totally freak." Sarah tilted the container. "Why, these things aren't scary. They're just gross."

"I heard that when she was five, she fell through pretty deep hole, and landed on like thousands of worms. She's been scared of them since." Carter explained. "Guys," Emily butted in, "I don't think this is a good idea." "Nonsense babe." Carter said, "What's the worst that could happen?" He smiled brightly to comfort her.

"Dude," Ashley said," you are not supposed to say that." "Shhh..." Derek said, "she's here." They all looked as Carey walked past them. Ashley set up her camera on the table and pointed it in Carey's direction. "Showtime." Ashley smiled....

(Okay, I said there was more, this is it.) Carter's job was to empty the container into her bag. Sarah and Emily had to keep watch. Ashley and Derek had the job of recording the prank. It only took seconds to empty the worms into her bag.

"Done." Carter said walking towards them. He did a weird dance in front of the camera. "Excellent." Ashley said, she rubbed her hands together like a villain from a Disney movie. Derek laughed. "Nobody else is here," Sarah said as she and Emily approached, "just us and Carey."

"Coolio." Carter said. "I still don't think this is a good idea." Emily said. "You are so negative." Carter said kissing her on the cheek. "Not in front of the camera." Emily said pushing his face away from hers. "Oh, come on." Ashley said. "It would make a better video." All of them laughed, all except Emily.

That's when the screaming began... They could see Carey from there hidden table. She was frantically shaking her arms and worms flew off of them. "Get off, get off, get off!" She screamed and cried. What happened next was a blur. Carey slipped on a pile of the worms, and her head hit the hard table.

Dead. Carey was dead. "OH MY GOD!" Sarah screamed. Followed by an "Oh S*it," from Derek and a "What the f**k," from Carter. Emily was crying and Ashley stood there shocked. "We, uh, we have to do something!" Derek said.

"Like what!" Emily screamed at him. "What can we do! This was y'all's f***ing idea!" "Yeah, but you're here!" He screamed back. "Guy's calm down!" Ashley screamed when she was finally able to move. "We throw her in the river." Carter said oddly calm behind them.

"Sh*t Carter!" Emily screamed, "What we do is call the cops." "That isn't an option." He said looking at her, but not meeting her eyes. "We will get arrested, what we do is what I say." All of the others nodded, but Emily just stared. "Think about school, and think about you're family. Think about us." Carter grabbed her hands. "Okay?"

"Whatever." She said wiping tears. "That isn't an answer." Derek said from behind them. "Okay." She said. Carter gave her a quick peck on the cheek, they got into Sarah's van, and they disposed of the body... But not the video.

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