Devil's Pets
Devil's Pets scary stories

haliebellA shoulder to cry on...metaphorically.
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This is NOT my true opinion on birds.

Devil's Pets

Note: Before you read this, know that I actually really like birds, but I was walking my puppy this morning, and it was still kinda dark. I heard birds squawking overhead and I jumped. It scared the heck out of me....

...Henley realized it was staring at her, the dark, ugly crow with eyes of black pupil and no emotion. It was just staring at her..."Do crows blink?" Henley said aloud to the crow in attempt to scare it away from her, it sat unflinching.

"I guess not," she muttered. It continued to stare... Henley shivered. She was now at home enjoying a nice cup of coffee, snuggled up on her couch with a blanket. She knew that she should be relaxed, but for some reason she couldn't. Then she remembered the bird..."Why does this bother me?" She wondered.

She thought of the unblinking, cruel eyes of the crow, and how it stared straight at her... She heard a tapping on her window, followed by a squawk. The squawk seemed sinister, and it made Henley jump. Spilling her coffee on her lap, she cursed.

Henley stood to look out her window...staring back through the glass was THE crow...she knew it was. She let out a horrified scream. A sound now reached Henley's ears, the sound of thunder. That couldn't be right though, it was pure sunshine outside...

...Wings, it was the sound of wings. Millions of wings fluttering. They seemed to scream "Henley" with each thundering flap. Then terror struck...birds flew in through the window, breaking the glass and each shard seeming to slash Henley's face worst than the last...

Laying with blood making a halo around Henley's head, she gasped. She could've sworn to you that one of the birds said, "We are the Devil's pets," that is if they hadn't of killed her...but animals usually do their Master's bidding.

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