Sleepaway (8) -Parental Control

Sleepaway (8)

-Parental Control camp stories

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That's what parents are for...

Sleepaway (8) -Parental Control

Hervey's mom held her son's hand gently. She looked at him with tears in her eyes. What is wrong with her baby?

The counselors had explained to her, and to many other parents...or family members, that all of the kids, every last one of them, were in a deep sleep. They cannot be woken.

They had asked them if their child or sibling, etc, have any disorders that would cause them to sleep longer than usual. All of the answers were no.

The campers had all been moved into a room that would fit every camper, counselor, and family member. All around Hervey's mom were crying adults, or teenagers, very worried about their loved one.

Well, not all were worried. At least, that was how it seemed to Hervey's mom. She had seen one of the parents, Leo's mom, leave occasionally to smoke and come back to text or something, she paid little attention to her son.

It broke her heart to see someone so uncaring of their child. She looked at Hervey, he is her everything. What if he doesn't wake up? Disrupting her thoughts, she heard someone across the room talking, almost shouting, angrily.

"What is going on?" A tan man, or boy, said. He was standing by the bed of a young girl with the same complexion. Yuri, looking very stressed, put her hand on hid shoulder, "I wish we knew," she said sadly.

"Wish you knew?" Another frazzled parent or actually aunt of the campers asked. "How could you not know?" She held on to the hand of a tan girl with a pixie cut, Jade. "We're sorry," Yuri could not look at her.

"We put our children," she squeezed Jade's hand, "in your hands. We trusted y'all. And this happened." Jade's aunt had always been protective of Jade, and this was the first time she had let her do anything like this. "We're sorry," Yuri said again.

Jade's aunt put all of her focus back on Jade, she had nothing left to say. She blamed them. How could they let this happen? Did they cause this? Did they drug the children? Will they drug her and the parents?

Her imagination ran wild, but she knew it was foolish. She knew the counselors didn't drug the children, they couldn't have possibly done that. But if the children weren't under the influence of some drug, what was happening?

Note: I went ahead and wrote this, but there is still time to fill out the form for parents :):):) Hope y'all are having great days/nights :):):)

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