Sleepaway (7) -Unconscious

Sleepaway (7)

-Unconscious camp stories

halie_horror Not working on One of Them rn :(:(:(
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Hope y'all like it :):):)

Sleepaway (7) -Unconscious

The campers, all except for the still-sleeping Hervey, walked to their beds exhaustedly. It had been a tiring day, the walk in the woods, the fire, everything.

The campers in the younger group fell into the beds with a thud and yawned loudly. They wanted nothing more than to fall asleep, so when Skylar started to complain, loudly, that Hervey was snoring, everyone groaned.

"You would think he'd be up by now," she said with her eyes close. Jenny yawned, "Yeah..." "Should we wake him," she yawned too. "No..." Jenny was drifting to sleep.

"Okay..." Skylar sighed, she drifted to sleep too. ...

... The campers in the older group were already fast asleep. No complaints, no talking...Just falling into bed and going to sleep. ...

... The counselors sat around the fire...again. They weren't talking, just enjoying each other's company. ...

... Deep in the woods, Hervey, who was on the verge of a mental breakdown, paced back and forth. He was still scared, but he was also mad. Why hasn't he been found yet?

Hervey paced and paced. Interrupting his pacing, the trees moved behind him. A figure stepped out from behind the tree.

It was small, very small. Whatever it was, Hervey was confident he could fight it if he had to. It walked closer to him. He could make out small details. Brown hair...ponytail...overalls?

Overalls? The figure finally walked close enough for Hervey to see. "Hervey? What're you doing in my dream?" Jenny asked with a confused expression...

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone is having a great day/night :)

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