Sleepaway (6) -Happy Campers...minus one

Sleepaway (6)

-Happy Campers...minus one camp stories

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I am sorry to @red_psychopath_ and @june44 if y'all have a problem w/ your character vaping...

Hope y'all like it :)

Sleepaway (6) -Happy Campers...minus one

Ceil had strayed away from the others a few minutes ago. She inhaled her vape, then exhaled again. She was glad the counselors didn't check any of the campers for vapes or cigarettes, because she would be in trouble.

She inhaled, for the last time. She needed to rejoin the group before she was caught. Ceil heard the trees move behind her. She jumped and exhaled, she slapped her hands over her mouth.

Ash laughed, "Chill, it's just me...What're you doing anyway?" She asked this, but she already knew. "Nothing," Ceil acted natural, "I just needed a little alone time." "Whatever," Ash rolled her eyes, "hand it over."

Ceil frowned, but she did as Ash asked...or demanded. Ash took a few hits, then handed it back. Ceil tucked it in her pocket, "We really need to get back." She began walking to where the group was.

"Yeah," Ash said laughing and rolling her eyes, "wouldn't want them thinking we were making out or something." Ceil blushed, did Ash suspect that she liked girls...or even like her. She would've asked what she meant, but instead, she shrugged and just said, "Yeah." ...

... Daniel frowned. He was looking at Hervey who was still asleep while the other campers and counselors were on a walk. He had been trying to wake the boy up for an hour, but all Hervey did was mumble and roll over.

Daniel was going to call Hervey's parents to see if he had some sort of "sleep-related medical condition," but, instead, he just assumed it was that nightmares had kept him up and he needed more rest. He wasn't going to think too much about it...just let the boy sleep... ...

... The day was long, Hervey was still asleep, but the other campers and counselors spent some time by the fire. No one really felt like talking or listening to stories, so they just ate or made small talk.

Leo and Faith were setting by each other...very close to each other if you asked the other campers. Beside them, Jasper made small talk with Caspe. They had sort of found each other cool. Jasper thought Caspe was the bravest person he had ever met.

Caspe thought Jasper was easily scared, but he was really nice. They enjoyed talking to each other. "You think I'm a scaredy-cat," Jasper said jokingly, "but you think pickles are scary!"

Caspe laughed at this, he knew people believed this was an irrational fear, but pickles gave him the heebie-jeebies. The color...the shape...they were just...weird. Caspe, still laughing, "Ok, that's fair, but you are scared of going it'll happen."

Jasper, pushing and pinning his hair back, as if to make a point, shrugged and said, "It's possible." Caspe laughed, "Ok." ...

... Hervey, for the first time in his life, was getting tired of the Viola. Had he played it for two weeks? Why wasn't anyone looking for him?

He is scared...and alone. He really wants to be found...He'd even settle for just having company, even if it meant not being brought back to camp...or back home. He is so lonely...but the sleeping tree provides.

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