Sleepaway (5) -Living Nightmare

Sleepaway (5)

-Living Nightmare camp stories

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Sleepaway (5) -Living Nightmare

Hervey was walking through the woods. Alone. Why was he alone?

...It's not that he minded being alone or anything, it was that he hadn't been alone at camp, unless he was going to the bathroom, since he arrived. Where was the rest of his group?

He walked through the woods for what felt like half an hour. One hour. Two hours. Three.

Hervey felt like he had made the biggest mistake of his life by continuing to walk. He should've stayed put...and maybe hugged a tree or something. He decided to stay still for a little while, surely someone would find him.

The sky changed colors, from a little light to pitch black. He still stood, waiting. The sky changed colors again, it was now morning. He was still alone...

It felt as though another hour or two passed before he heard someone call his name. "Finally," he said. He turned to look where his name was called from. No one was there. Instead, he saw a viola...

It was strange that it was there. He enjoyed playing the viola when he was alone and, at this moment, he has never been more alone. As odd as it was, he walked over to it and began to play... ...

... Alexa, Daniel, Yuri, Celeste, Rose, and Mack all sat around the fire. It was good to have a little time with each other...without the campers.

Alexa and Yuri felt free to hold hands, they "weren't allowed" to do things like that in front of the campers. Daniel, who was usually quiet, was the first to mention what had happened earlier that day.

"What's the matter with Hervey?" He asked. Alexa looked at him, Hervey had confided in her earlier. "He's been having nightmares," she said frowning. "Poor kid," Yuri said. She had been upset with him for shrugging off her hand, but now not so much.

Alexa agreed, "Poor kid." Rose, who knew many things about nightmares and sometimes gave people nightmares, looked at Alexa. "Nightmares about what?" She asked.

Alexa shook her head, "The normal know..." Rose understood. "Should someone check on him?" Celest asked.

"Na," Mack looked at her, "I checked all the campers a few minutes ago. Wanted to make sure they were okay." She smiled, "Hervey didn't look like he was having a nightmare, he looked like he was having a good dream."

"That's good," Alexa said. All of the counselors agreed. ...

... Hervey had been playing the viola non-stop for days, he had been paying attention to the changing of the sky color. He wasn't so eager for anyone to find him now, he was just content playing his music...

Note: Hope y'all liked it :) If anyone is confused so far, please stick with me it will all be explained in the end <3<3<3 Have a great day/night <3

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