Sleepaway (4) -Indoor Dining

Sleepaway (4)

-Indoor Dining horror stories

halie_horror Listen to your fears...@haliebell
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Kids should just get along...

Hope y'all like it :):):)

Sleepaway (4) -Indoor Dining

Ash was tired of marshmallows and hot dogs, so eating actual food by the camp's chef was a relief to her. The cook, Melo Kory, seemed more than happy to be put to use. He sang as he finished up the cooking.

All of the campers were sitting at school-cafeteria-like tables. They were arranged by age group, of course. She pushed her glasses back on her face. Beside her, Ceil Welc stared at the table and didn't make conversation, Ash expected as much.

She had tried, many times, over the last few days to make conversation with Ceil who was nice enough, but not big on conversation. It only took a few more minutes for the food to be served.

"Bon Appétit," Melo Kory said with a smile. Ash, as well as everyone else, began to eat their food. It was spaghetti, a lot better than roasted hot dogs.

Only a few minutes into eating, Ash could hear annoyed chatter. ...

... "Am I the only one here who thinks that this place totally sucks?" Hervey said in an angered tone. He was probably the last one anyone would expect to not like camp.

No one answered him. His face flushed and he looked at his spaghetti. He had liked camp, a few days ago, but now not so much. He had been having strange dreams since night one, and though he liked scary stories he hated nightmares.

After a few moments of turning spaghetti with his fork, Jade Foxx, from the older group, spoke up. "This place is cool," she said, "why don't you like it?"

Hervey looked at her with a scared expression that he knew people would mistake as anger, "You wouldn't understand." He got up and began walking to the cabins. Yuri, a counselor, put her hand on his shoulder. ...

... "You can't leave until we do..." She said. He shrugged her hand off of him and continued walking. Yuri looked at Alexa, another counselor...who happened to be her girlfriend, with a shocked expression.

"I'll go with him," Alexa said, she touched Yuri's shoulder discreetly as she walked out. Yuri looked concerned, but she looked at the campers with a half-smile. "Y'all finish eating," she said. Then she walked to where Celeste, Mack, Rose, and Daniel, the other counselors, sat eating.

They all looked at her with the same expression that seemed to ask, "What's his problem?" She shook her head at all of them, she ate her spaghetti, so did the campers and other counselors, without talking.

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