Sleepaway (3) -Sleeping Tree

Sleepaway (3)

-Sleeping Tree sim stories

halie_horror Will probably leave Tues. 5-18 <3
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a little trip :)

Hope y'all like it :)

Sleepaway (3) -Sleeping Tree

Olive trailed behind some of the other campers. She had her eyes on the ground to avoid tripping of the millions, give or take a few, of roots. She didn't notice the camper stop abruptly in front of her.

She bumped into Liz Starcross, the youngest camper in the older group. "Sorry," Olive said. "You should really watch where you are going," she rolled her eyes, "it's okay though."

"I'll remember that," she knew that Liz was sort of short-tempered and sarcastic, Olive found it funny. Liz rolled her eyes and looked the other way. Olive began to ask why they had stopped, but Celeste, a very tattooed counselor, began talking.

"Have y'all heard the story of this tree?" She laid her hand on the grey-wooded tree. We all shook our heads. "Well," she began mysteriously, "this is the sleeping tree." She looked at us as if we should be shocked, though we all denied hearing of it.

"Why is it called that?" Skylar Hawk, in the younger group, asked. She ran her hands through her white hair. "It's called the sleeping tree because..." She launched into her story. ...

... Caspe had enjoyed the walk in the woods, and the story about the Sleeping Tree was even better than the walk. The tree supposedly put people in a coma-like sleep that gave them wild dreams.

"The few who woke up," Celeste had said, "claimed they had been awake the whole time, but nobody had noticed them." She claimed that it was all superstition though, and that the people were crazy and hadn't been properly treated for it.

Caspe wasn't sure of this for himself, he believed that the "crazy" people were probably telling the truth but weren't given any chances. He, sort of, knew how that felt. True or not, he decided, it was an interesting story...

Note: Sorry these have been so short so far, I will write longer parts as the story continues :) Hope everyone has a great day/night :):):)

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