Sleepaway (16) -Learning the Legend

Sleepaway (16)

-Learning the Legend camp stories

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fun fact: if you type in- Tree puts people to sleep+Sleeping Tree+Camp Sleepaway- you will read about something Skyrim related...I don't know why :)

Sleepaway (16) -Learning the Legend

Everyone hovered close to the laptop as Daniel typed away. No one wanted to get to close to each other, but they wanted to know how to save their children.

Daniel scratched his eyebrow on several occasions. He had typed in "Sleeping Tree," but got no results. Then he typed "Legend of Camp Sleepaway," nothing popped up.

Finally, being very specific, he typed "Tree puts people to sleep+Sleeping Tree+Camp Sleepaway." A website came up. It had the trees legend. The origin, the people first suspected to be under the influence of it, and finally, how to end it.

"We're supposed to burn it down," Daniel sighed. "But that will start a whole forest fire," Leo's mom said. "We have to try," Liz's mom spoke up.

"If we do it, the fire department will come and we will all be held accountable for it. That's not good publicity." Leo's mom was worried about her reputation. "So," Jade's aunt spoke up, "if you don't want to be held accountable, then stay here. But you can't stop us from saving the one's we love."

Leo's mom frowned, she folded her arms. "Fine," she smirked, "do what you want." It was settled, everyone, except Leo's mom, would go burn the tree down and end the curse. ...

... "Why are we going to this tree exactly?" Liz asked. She didn't want to be anywhere near the thing. "Just to look at it," Olive said.

Liz rolled her eyes, "What could that possibly accomplish?" It was Olive's turn to roll her eyes, "What could it hurt?" "Nothing, I guess," she admitted.

"I for one," Jasper said, "do not want to be anywhere near that thing." Skylar agreed. So did Jenny, Leo, and Hervey. Everyone else felt curious, and wanted to look at it.

They found the tree after the sky turned dark. They were all silent for a bit, but the anger and fear of the tree took over. "I hate this tree," Hervey said with a frown. His mom patted him.

"What are you going to do," Liz said, "throw rocks at it?" She wasn't serious, but Hervey did pick up a rock. He noticed everyone looking at him, he shrugged, "It couldn't hurt."

They all grabbed a rock, even Hervey's mom who was the victim of the rock-throwing kids. They all began throwing rocks at the tree, the anger they felt turned to joy. They felt like they were going to get out soon. ...

Note: I am planning on writing 2 or 3 more parts :):):) That means it is almost done!!! I hope y'all have liked it so far, and will continue to like it until it is over! Thank you, have a great day/night!!!

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