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Sleepaway (15)

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Sleepaway (15) -Contact

"Breathe on the window," Caspe instructed Olive. She did as he said, and a haze of white when where she breathed. She quickly tried to write something, but it disappeared before she could.

"This isn't going to work," she said, already doubting the plan. "We can try something else..." Caspe ran some ideas through his head, so did Olive. The others did too, but they felt more comfortable letting Caspe and Olive think.

"Ugh," Olive said, "we can carve it in the door or walls with a rock." "Yeah," Caspe agreed.

He picked up a rock. In the door, with big letters he put... "We need your help. Try to figure out how to wake us up." Hervey's mom remembered the little trust that they had for each other.

"They'll think it's a prank," she said. "Who would prank them?" Skylar asked. "I don't know," she said, "but we should make sure they know it is us for a fact."

"We could each write something to them," Olive suggested. They each took turns writing something. Most put a loving or embarrassing story that only they would know, but Leo didn't know what to write.

He looked at Faith, "Me and my mom aren't close," he began, "honestly, I think she hates me." "Put that," Faith put her hand on his shoulder, "even if it hurts."

So he did, and it hurt... ...

Nobody noticed the door. Not for a while anyway. They kept their eyes on their child, or on the floor. They only glanced at each other every now and then. It was only when Leo's mom began to walk outside for a cigarette that the writing was noticed.

"Oh my God," she said. No one looked her way, she looked at the people a little annoyed. "Look," she pointed at the door.

"Who did that?" Mack asked. She was disgusted that people would do that. "They did," Olive's brother walked close to the door. He read the story that Olive wrote about, she would never tell anyone. It had to be her.

"How did they do it? They're asleep," Leo's mom asked. Olive's brother shrugged. "It doesn't matter," Faith's sister walked over to them. "They need our help."

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