Sleepaway (10) -Together

Sleepaway (10)

-Together camp stories

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scared...but not so lonely...

Sleepaway (10) -Together

Faith and Leo held hands as they walked through the woods. Faith said it was to make sure they didn't lose each other, but Leo thought it was something else. Either she could tell how scared he was and was comforting him, or she shared the same feelings he had for her.

He hoped it was the last one. "Just a little farther," she said dragging him along, "I think I see the cabins." Sure enough, after another minute or two, they walked through the trees to where the cabins were.

"That's a relief," Leo said, he still held Faith's hand. "No," Faith said looking around, "something isn't right." "What do you mean?" Leo asked.

"We're the only ones here," she said. She still looked around, she was hoping to find someone to prove her wrong. Leo felt panicked, "You're right." The fear settled in both of them. ...

... Olive was still walking absentmindedly. Her legs moved at a pace she didn't think possible, yet she wasn't running.

For a moment, she closed her eyes. Maybe when she opened them, she would be somewhere different. As soon as she opened her eyes, she stopped walking. She had almost bumped into Liz...again.

Liz looked tired and scared, but she was still very much herself. "I'm glad you remembered my advice." Olive laughed, she was glad to be near someone...even if that someone was the mega-sarcastic Liz.

"So," Olive asked, "you have any clue where we are?" Liz put her hand under her chin and said, "Hmm... I'm no scientist, but I think we might be in a forest." Olive rolled her eyes, "Yeah, Sherlock, but like where in the forest?"

Liz had no answers, "I don't know, but I think we should go that way." She pointed to where the trees seemed to be less compacted. "I think camp would be that way." Olive didn't know if Liz was right, but she began to follow her and hoped she was. ...

... Jade, along with Skylar, finally pushed through some trees and discovered the cabins. They had been walking for hours together, and both said they were walking for hours before that.

They split up to look for the other campers, and more importantly, a counselor. Why had they let them go walking in the forest alone? "Jade!" Skylar called, "Over here!"

Jade walked to where Skylar was standing. There were no adults, to her disappointment, but there were some campers.

Jenny looked smaller than before. Hervey looked...well...mega freaked out. Faith and Leo, both looked tired and confused. Ash and Ceil, looked much like Leo and Faith. Liz and Olive, both looked totally confused, but also looked like they were acting cool. Caspe, looked like he was planning something. Jasper looked scared.

Every camper, now including Jade and Skylar, were together. They were tired, and scared, and confused, but at least they were together...

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