Sleepaway (1) -Welcome to Camp Sleepaway

Sleepaway (1)

-Welcome to Camp Sleepaway camp stories

halie_horror Will probably leave Tues. 5-18 <3
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Sort of short, not all characters have been introduced yet, they will be soon <3 Hope y'all like it!!!

Sleepaway (1) -Welcome to Camp Sleepaway

The road to Camp Sleepaway was winding and bumpy. It was surrounded by a seemingly endless green and grey forest. Jenny looked out the window, her eyes followed the blur of trees. She was a mix of nervous and excited to be going to camp.

Nervous because it was her first time being in a place like camp. Surrounded by kids of different ages...Well, she wouldn't be surrounded by the older kids because they were separated into age groups. She was in the younger of the two groups, she was only 8.

Excited because her mind went wild with thoughts of exploring the vast groups of course...and other things like canoeing. She hoped her excitement would overcome her nervousness once they arrived at camp...

...Interrupting Jenny's thought, the bus hit a bump, and everyone bounced up then back down with a loud thud. Groans of pain and annoyance filled the bus. "Ouch!" Jenny said as her seat-mates elbow hit her knee. Caitlyn, a year older than Jenny muttered an apology.

Out from under her sunglasses, Ms. Gabrielle smiled, "Sorry, y'all," she said. Jenny focused her eyes out of the window again. ...

... Ceil Welc, part of the older group, closed her eyes and tried to not focus on the pain that formed on her behind from the bump. She tried not to wince so she wouldn't draw attention.

After a moment, her eyes opened. Ash, her seatmate, was looking at her. "You okay?" She asked half smiling. Ceil nodded, she didn't want to make conversation.

Ash noticed a gold hint in Ceil's eyes, "Cool eyes," she said as she pushed her glasses back. Ceil looked at her, in detail, for the first time. Short, blue hair, overalls, round glasses... She stopped looking when she made eye-contact but not before she noticed Ash's eyes were two different colors.

"You too," she said. Her face turned a little red, that was the end of the conversation. ...

... Jasper pushed back his bangs from his blue eyes and clipped them. He hated it when they blocked his vision. He faced towards the window, trees blurred past. He wondered when they would get to camp.

It's not like he was really excited to go to camp, he just really wanted off of the bus. How many bumps could this woman possibly hit? He thought she was enjoying it actually, watching the "kids" bounce up and down, up and down...

...In his thought, Ms. Gabrielle's voice rang through the bus. "We're here," she slowed down a bit to let the campers take in "the view." Jasper didn't think it was much to look at, but he looked anyway.

There were more trees surrounding the entrance, and he could see a lake through the trees as she drove farther. Finally, she stopped. She opened the door to the bus, but stood before anyone could exit.

She smiled at them, "Welcome to Camp Sleepaway..."

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