Your Two Windows


             Your Two Windows

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haleyinreallife I'm merely a collection of paradoxes.
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The soul is a beautiful thing when you let it be free.

Your Two Windows

They say a person’s eyes are the windows to their soul.

If that’s true, your eyes show the bravest, kindest soul I’ve ever known.

There’s a lot on my mind about them, but not much I can say without sounding overly sappy. Yes, they could make the ocean jealous of their crystal, vibrant blue hues.

And I can easily find myself lost in them; a staring contest I refuse to lose. But I think your beauty really lies in your expressions.

How you show your pain, happiness, and just about every mood you can think of. That is what I love to see the most. Because words may lie, but your features could never mask the truth.

So what mood do I love more? The joy of being happy? Or the beautiful, yet somber sadness? I say both have their perks.

See, when you’re happy, they just light right up, as if a thousand bulbs just turned on all at once. The glee and excitement pours out of them.

Your mouth may be shut but i can still see the laughter you try to conceal inside of them. And because you’re so happy, I get filled with ecstasy. Happiness is infectious, indeed.

It’s even addicting when it comes from you.

What about the sad times? They are never fun, or filled with positive vibes.

Sure, we may feel utterly hopeless and ready to give up, but… When I look at you, the light at the end of this black road shines bright.

The minute you turn to me, tears brimming and cascading down your face, I see it. Yes, it sounds crazy, but I love that look.

Pain is never a beautiful thing to feel, but you make it look so damn lovely. Even if the perfect blue shade dulls slightly, it still remains bright and glistens in the light.

At this point, I may come to an abrupt realization. I am in utter, irrevocable love with you. And your courageous soul, too.

I guess the eyes do hide someone’s soul behind their glass.

But I love when you open up and let it out for me to see.

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