The Essence of Time
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haleyinreallife I'm merely a collection of paradoxes.
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Is your life really what you wanted it to be?

The Essence of Time

You're on your beachside patio at night.

You sit there

On your new wooden chair.

You take a sip from your glass of that fresh wine.

And you start to wonder;

How do the ocean waves always sound so peaceful and serene?

The tranquility of this moment seems so evergreen.

Meanwhile, those nostalgic thoughts are floating closer.

They come crashing to the shore of your mind.

Moments, events, all those memories.

All of the sweet things that make up the essence of life.

You're in your old neighborhood, the one with the park and the ice cream shop down the road.

The sun gleams bright and your friends run to greet you.

The soundtrack of laughter and playful shouts begins.

The wind combing your hair, legs pumping those bike pedals as you race to keep up with them.

Your breath alludes you momentarily, grass catches you as you fall.

Safe, fearless, always standing tall.

That Hershey bar fuels you as chocolate gets all over your face.

As the sun is going down, you head back to your place.

Suddenly, Paul moves away and the bike races stop.

The beloved ice cream store has closed up shop.

Your body is changing, new feelings arise.

Do you believe that you had a fulfilling youth?

You're in the backseat of Elijah's car.

Beer lingers in the air, it all seems a little dizzy.

How could this basketball star even see you as pretty?

Body image issues and self- hate thoughts a-plenty.

Those rickety bikes had long ago been traded for cars and joyrides.

Trips to the hidden liquor cabinets and Molly's house for weed cookies.

You've never felt so unsure, so insecure, so caught up in what was deemed as 'love.'

About losing the one thing that preserved your innocence.

A thousand and one fleeting moments and sexy whispers later,

The walls came down, and so did Elijah's zipper.

And all of a sudden, the car felt too small.

Too crowded, sweaty, and you missed your father's call.

Two hours past curfew, and grounded for life.

But then you graduated, and actually sleep at night.

Are you really so sure that you don't regret those teen years?

You're driving home from work again, the same routine.

One day bleeds into one week and then one month which becomes one year.

You live for that bank deposit and the small moments of cheer.

Paul is now married with kids, Elijah has been in jail.

Your mortgage is past due, and your old car is for sale.

The house is a beautiful, tiny gem.

But you're still dating around and hoping for a family.

People to fill you up with that old warmth, and your space for company.

That old hobby, that passion, has turned into a career and lost its charm.

Your parents' tombstones are growing moss, and you still need to buy those damn flowers.

In between work, appointments, and Molly's baby shower.

Anti-depressants are the new candy, and booze no longer makes you pinch your nose.

I guess this is what it feels like to grow old.

Your body aches, head spinning from that migraine.

There's not much left to shield you from this lonely pain.

Sighing, you look out the window. And then you see,

The one place you had always loved to be.

You're on your beachside patio at night.

You sit there,

On your broken, splintered chair.

You take a swig from your bottle of that aged wine.

And you start to wonder;

Why are the ocean waves so aggressive and deafening?

The hostility of this moment just hurts your hearing.

The wine kicks in, and brings you to a slumber.

But your doctor never cured your sleep-walking,

And those waves pull you down under.

With each passing breath and seconds ticking by....

Did the essence of time truly treat you right?

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