From Dusk, To Dawn

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haleyinreallife I'm merely a collection of paradoxes.
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When heartbreak and misery turns to new hope and faith being restored.

From Dusk, To Dawn

I've been hearing a lot about sunsets lately.

The beautiful, albeit bittersweet melancholy that they symbolize. It's the ending that's always inevitable.

And yet, you found yourself strangely addicted to them. The familiar feeling in you as they faded away, much like the lovers in your past.

The comparison between the two was so much more astounding than you originally thought. How they were always leaving. Always so constant.

Your life became a routine of bleeding skies and broken hearts. Sometimes, it would be so dark and stormy that every inch of light was sapped.

And you would be left with the remnants of the storm. Somber clouds and puddles of tears was your oasis for days on end. After a while, sunsets no longer held any meaning to you.

The beauty of them diminished, along with your faith and hopes. The good never lasted, the light never stayed. The dreadful dusk that was your home felt eternal, until......

You finally saw it.

Dawn was coming for you, unexpectedly and rapidly. You've heard so much about this exact moment; how the sunrise always promised a clean slate and positive vibes.

After so long of being trapped in the gloom, here you are now, open and ready. His strong rays penetrated your dark clouds and enveloped you in a warm embrace.

And all you could feel was the heat of his love. It was almost like a blanket was wrapped around you, leaving you sun kissed and healing your tortured soul.

You knew then, you know now, that he'll never let go.

And the longer you were with him, the stronger you became.

You could easily brave the storms, and dance in the rain.

No matter what happened, he would always come back for you. You finally have that permanent fixture.

Something so genuine, Something golden.

From dusk until dawn,

You will never remain broken.

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