Just Wait By Haley Buckholt
Just Wait 

By Haley Buckholt addiction stories

haleybuckholt Writing is my outlet for pain.
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Addiction is a silent killer. So can be our minds..

Just Wait By Haley Buckholt

Throughout my life I've been diagnosed with Major Depressive disorder, Anxiety, Bipolar, and PTSD.

It's a crazy list I know, it's basically like having my mind and my body at war with itself and me.

It's not easy for me to see things clearly or even more so, to try to understand it.

This isn't the life I had hoped for, it isnt how I would have planned it.

I been through a lot including addiction if you want to add that to the list.

But honestly It was my way of coping with life and my mental status.

If anyone even knows a thing or two about drug addiction, then you know it only made it worse.

It only took the first 10 seconds of numbing, to have me stuck in it's curse.

Drugs took everything. Shredded me of what I loved and with every thing I cherished,

It was gone, completely perished.

What I needed was taken away from me.

I would look every where in sight and there would be nothing left to see.

It took jobs, apartments, my real friends, family, materialistic,

It didn't stop there, it took my heart, my self worth, my mind. I started to believe in the unrealistic.

The enemy in my mental grew angrier and more aggressive,

The numbness never lasted and its destruction slowly became progressive.

I felt even more down than I was before, I had became something unrecognizable and I was surprised,

I became the enemy, the monster, I had became something I despised.

That's when the power greater than me stepped in and saved my life with his power,

It took him doing that a few times but his love over me he continues to shower.

Every day is a decision to stay clean and every day is a decision to be great.

Noone is a lost cause. Trust me just wait..

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