Life, love and depression
Life, love and depression  feelings stories

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The cycle of life, depression and loneliness

Life, love and depression

We all feel down and worthless sometimes. We write for release and serenity.

But where did it start?

We had a bad experience or feel used and abused by our own thought and ideas. We never know how to tame it. But the we discover that a pen has more power than we thought

You write and feel and imagine the best feelings in the world and all the fairytales and characters you can create with a simple ball point per or even on a device to type.

You experience new things. Like the first proper book you read, the living creatures and all the emotions you felt. Creating the characters in your head the way you thought they will be.

The most people that read are indeed sad and alone and depressed but the writing and reading gives us all freedom. We let our imaginations run wild.

You want to pick up that pen and write your emotions and feelings. Pouring the feelings of your heart into a character or a few that let's you live your fantasies of how you want to feel.

Be brave and write a story or even a small poem. It will release all the stress and sadness of your day.

There is someone that once told me: " Writing isn't just writing it is a world that you create,

it is a enitre way of life that is made in your head that you put into words to light up someone else's life.

It makes you feel better by getting out all of your emotions and maybe just maybe you could help someone else."

This is my escape as well as many others. We need this to complete who we are and this helps to give us a form of acceptance, because without this we will all go crazy.

We feel less lonely and sad with a community that is constructive towards your writing and could help with a little bit of emotional support that we need

I know this isnt a story or poem like the rest of the amazing people here but I just needed to get some feeling off of my chest and clear up my extremely busy brain and thoughts.

Thank you for reading so far, you are an amazing person and if you feel down or sad. I'm always here. Lots of love to all of you here.

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