"I love you too"
Suicide Notes suicide stories

halesnutcocoa ~~~Pansexual Pride~~~
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I wanted to die. 14+ only. "you only cry for help when you know there's help to cry for."

"I love you too"

Suicide Notes

I felt alone again

The first time in a long time

I told Jax to forgive me when he hears what happened

He told me to talk to him

He called, I answered

He was crying

I said I love you

He begged me to stay

"You go and I go too"

I whispered, "I can't stay here baby, I'm sorry"

I turned on my camera

It was now a video chat

Tears running down his cheeks

I opened the bottles of pills

He grabbed a knife and held it to his throat

I put the pills down, he set the knife down

"Jax you don't understand" I screamed at him

I coughed up blood from earlier

He looked at me with fear

I love you Jax

I wrote everyone I love suicide notes

On my chrome book

I want you to let me leave

"Don't do it babygirl."


I won't

"Promise me"

I promise

Next time call me

"I love you too"

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