Pretty Girls
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halesnutcocoa ~~~Pansexual Pride~~~
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The only perfect is the real you. Nothing Else

Pretty Girls

I can swear, I can joke

I do what I want

You can see me holding up my middle finger to the world

I don't want any ribbons or pearls

I'm not just a pretty girl

I'm more than just poetry, songs, bullies, depression, cuts, and more

I have a backstory, that no one ever reads

Being used is like a game, all the boys wanna play

I'm not just a pretty girl

This poem is for all the girls that read/follow me. Most of them have been hurt, been abused, are depressed, cut, or just aren't appreciated.

Girls, you are beautiful, you don't have to be 90lbs, flat stomach, perfect skin, thicc thighs, big booty, and popular to be perfect. To be perfect you just need to be yourself.

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