unreal fantasy
unreal fantasy #fantady stories

halcyon_music And if i may, and if i might.
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doesn't it seem fake like "what's going on"

unreal fantasy

doesn't it seem fake

like "what's going on"

for goodness sake

something must be wrong

coz you say we broke up

but it doesn't seem real

just a bad dream

that's how it feels

now it's been 6 months since you and I broke up

you cheated on me with my best friend

now I know what you're like, I wouldn't do it again

but the breakup seemed like an unreal fantasy

it didn't really happen, did it?

was it just a dream

a hoax

a lie

that you left me for her


it was real

but I still loved you

until I knew

what you do

you cheated on me

but I don't care anymore

I won't stop loving you

even though you shut the door

and I feel so sad

every time I see you kiss

I could've had that, but you just had to miss

and I thought you loved me

but really you just loved her

used me as a stepping stone

hated me

made me feel alone

but I miss you

I miss you

this can't be real

this can't be how you feel

it has to be some unreal fantasy

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