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halcyon_music And if i may, and if i might.
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It was dark, and I lost track of time Listening to my radio

Stardust on Mars

It was dark, and I lost track of time

Listening to my radio

Rock n roll

Looked up at the sky

There's a starman in the sky

I want to meet him, but if have to go to him

I called you to tell you about starman

The news station was talking about him

"There's a starman in the sky, may be dangerous"

In the town

Everyone was crying

We just heard the news

We had 5 years left on Earth

News guy cried when he reported

That earth was dying

Wept so much that I could see

I knew he was not lying

I had a headache

Trying to process what I just heard

Never thought I'd miss these people

We had 5 years

What will we do?

I adventured to Mars

"Tom, take your protein pills and put your helmet on. May God's love be with you"












I was floating in a strange way

The stars look very different today

I'm sitting in a rocket, far from my home

"Your circuits dead, there's something wrong, can you hear me, Tom?"

Stranded on Mars

Is there life on Mars?

I step out of my rocket and explore

I met a man

He had a band

His name was Ziggy

They called themselves the Spiders

Ziggy played guitar, left handed

He became famous

He really sang

Where were the Spiders?

Should we crush his hands?

I had friends now, on Mars

He took it all too far

Made love with his ego

I had to break up the band

Now I felt alone

On Mars

No way back ...

The end

(I didn't really know what to write so I just mashed up a few David Bowie songs because they seemed sci-fi. I made it into a story.

If you wanna check them out the songs are Starman, Space Oddity, Life on Mars, and Ziggy Stardust. Some of my favorites)

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