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Make a change with me


Ok so I get that there's a lot of things going on in the world right now

Lots of people are posting "black lives matter"

Ok. I get that they matter


Don't ALL lives matter

We were created each for a specific task here on Earth. We aren't supposed to be cruel. Cruelty to any person is wicked. I believe the devil is talking through these racist people..

We were created equal under God(sorry if I offend any non religious people)

Stop seeing people by the color of their skin

That stuff doesn't matter

What really matters is actions

A person could be the nicest person in the world and be black, it doesn't matter

A person could make a change and be white, it doesn't matter

A person could do all kinds of things, no matter the color of their skin

People are being so IGNORANT right now

People don't realize that if you make fun of ANY race, it's racist.

I don't care if it's white, black, Indian, Asian, or anything else

If you call a white person a name directing at the color of their skin, it's offensive too.

Stop with the racism

Black lives matter

White lives matter


And lately, people have been pulling the race card when it's not even necessary. Racism is not saying something like "the black man was sent to jail for stealing" because that's a statement

But what would be racist would be saying "all black men should go to jail because ALL of them steal"

See the difference???

So it's time everyone stops being ignorant

Stop saying that every little thing is racist

I get that there's serious racism going on

But too many people are using it as an excuse(I mean the fake racism. The real one is terrible)

We all want justice for George Floyd(rest in peace)

And we all want a better world

But the only way we are gonna make a change is if you do your part

So everybody reading this right now, repost and like this so that more people see it(I promise I'm not doing this for the likes lol)

And everybody, stop being racist(really racist) to the blacks, to the Asians, to the Indians, to the Italians, to the Mexicans, to any other race(idk all races because I'm kinda dumb),

and the whites as well.

You are either part of the problem or part of the solution

Help make the world a better place


This is your country, and in it, all things are possible if we just change

Realize that we are all equal

And we are all different (yes, I realize those two are opposites)

I'm sorry if you aren't religious but God created us equal. He created us to love one another, even our enemies.

He created us to do great things on this Earth

So what are you waiting for?

Help make a CHANGE

Repost this, like this, tell people about it

Let's make America equal again!

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