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halcyon_music And if i may, and if i might.
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my heart is locked up though he still has the key

my first love

my heart is locked up

though he still has the key

he loves her

he only liked me

he said never again

would he be my friend

but look at us now

we are friends in the end

it ended up fine

but I lost my mind

I fell head over heels

what a fool I was

I should've known this is how it would end up

me all alone

nobody to call my own

so I sit here desperate

waiting for her to pick up the phone

I cannot love

for they are all locked out

for he was my first love, and he's the only one allowed

but he won't come back

he loves her more than me

when I fell for him, I couldn't stand on my own two feet

I wasn't hurt when he decided to cheat

I'm forgiving to him he was forgiving to me

he was my first love and will always be

though my heart is locked up he still holds the key

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