Jade's Birthday Part 6
Jade's Birthday Part 6 mystery stories

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Jade sat in her treehouse...

Jade's Birthday Part 6

Jade sat in her treehouse, planning what she would do. She went to the junkyard and got a lot of metal scraps.

She drew a picture of a robot, and sketched out her ideas. She sat alone, and for once, she felt lonely

As she was planning, she tried to be quiet. She thought about everything that has happened in the last month. Jade started to cry.

She thought about the last words her mother had said to her, "we will be back in a while, be good"

But her parents never made it back. But they told Jade that they would, she would do anything to make them come back like they said they would.

Kurt heard Jade crying in the treehouse, and went to see what happened. He walked up to the treehouse to see Jade sitting there with a picture of their mother and father in her hand.

She also held a drawing of a robot.

Kurt turned to her and said sympathetically, "I know Jade, I miss them too"

Jade replied, "Kurt, do you think mom and dad would want to come back if I could get them back?"

Kurt thought about that. And came up with the conclusion that she couldn't get them back. Jade wouldn't give up. She couldn't.

Find out what she does is part 7

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