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halcyon_music And if i may, and if i might.
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Am I sad Am i happy

Am I?

Am I sad

Am i happy

Am I even here

I'm hiding away

So full of fear

Am I lost

Am I found

I am going down

Lost in my own state of mind

Found by my voice

That lies deep inside

Am I laughing

Am I crying

Or am I dead inside

Trained to be emotionless

Or at least so nobody could see

The pain that lies within me

My heart is shattered

The shards poke at me

My soul is gone

I'm no longer happy

I'm not good

I'm not bad

I'm not myself

I'm not anything anymore

I sit alone

Though I could be with someone

I read a book

But nobody cares

Am I invisible

Am I still there

Are they just ignorant

Do they just not care?

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