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halcyon_music And if i may, and if i might.
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here's a VERY long poem about how I feel

all my feelings

hard times get better

or that's what they say

but it seems to get worse

with every new day

nothing feels right

nothing feels good

everyone tells me that it should

I feel like dying

but I'm surely not crying

the tears will not fall

I built a wall

blocking my emotions

blocking my pain

I feel a rush go through my veins

what should I do?

what can I say?

when you were the only thing that brightened my day

but you are not here

at least not anymore

why is it that the ones I love always shut the door

they do not love me

they do not care

now darkness and pain fills my mind

fills the air

I cannot love

for I have been hurt

I cannot laugh

for I'm crying inside

I cannot feel

for my feelings are gone

I cannot think

there's too much going on

in my mind

it's a dark place

a mess, indeed

but no one cares to clean it

so all that's left is me

but the pain you brought changed me

and not for the better

I used to be one to never jumble up her letters

but now I cannot speak

for my tongue's in a twist

why does everything have to end up like this?

alone and sad

with nobody but myself

I wish I could leave my pain stored away on a shelf

but I try to block it out

and it keeps coming back

I'm already crazy

now I've gone mad

and there's no stopping it

for you hurt me so

I feel blue

because you said you'd never let me go

but you did

and you left me for her

every memory of me seems to be in a blur

for you cannot remember

for you wish to forget

but was I not the one you waited all year to get?

so do you not care?

that pain fills the air

do you not care that I'm sad?

why do you always make it seem like I'm the one that is bad?

when you had to cheat

I got my revenge

you chose to cheat on me with my best friend

but she let it happen

she kept it from me

finding out doesn't take a college degree

I know what happened

though you wish I never knew

you are the cause for why I feel blue

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